Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Where In The PNW Were David, Theo & Ruby On Martin Luther King Day?

In incoming email this morning, from Tacoma.

Subject line: "Easy One".

Seeing the subject line and also seeing that photos were attached I knew that I was going to be seeing some photos the location of which should be easy for me to guess, unlike previous instances where I was befuddled.

The text in the email: "Where in the Pacific Northwest were David, Theo & Ruby for Martin Luther King Day?"


I looked at the photos and quickly felt fairly certain I was looking at photos taken in the Snoqualmie Summit zone of the Washington Cascades.

For those unfamiliar with mountains, with their nearest mountains hundreds of miles distant, Snoqualime Summit is the high point of what is known as a mountain pass. As in a pass over a mountain range.

In the Snoqualmie Summit mountain pass case this is the mountain pass Interstate 90 passes over the Cascade Mountains on its way from Seattle, across America, to the East Coast.

There are several ski resorts in the Snoqualmie Summit zone. The only one whose name I remember is Hyak. Let me Google and see if I can find the names of the current Snoqualmie Summit ski resorts.

Oh my, I have been gone too long from my old home zone. Apparently Hyak no longer exists. Hyak is now called Summit East. The other three ski resorts at Snoqualmie Pass are Summit West, Summit Central and Alpental.

Alpental existed when I still lived in the neighborhood, but I forgot the name, only remembering the now no longer in existence Hyak.

The Snoqualmie ski resort zone is a little over 50 miles east of downtown Seattle, accessed via freeway, thus making going skiing a doable thing after work, what with night skiing. Or any time one has some free time and is in the mood to do some slippery sliding whilst trying to keep warm.

That photo at the top is what I believe to be a moving sidewalk type device which brings people wanting to have fun on the snow up a mountain in order to slide back down the mountain. On the moving snow sidewalk, in the front, that is my little sister, mama Michele, leading niece Ruby, and nephews Theo and David.

What follows are a few photos of what David, Theo and Ruby did after reaching the end of that moving snow sidewalk.

Ruby appears to have successfully tubed down the groomed slope. I do not know if that is one of Ruby's brothers coming down behind her in the next lane.

Above we see Theo, Ruby and David taking a break from sliding to pose for a photo to send to their favorite uncle. Well, one of their favorite uncles.

Above appears to be the winter equivalent of what I did with David, Theo and Ruby the last time I was in Washington, August of 2017, when we built sand castles at Birch Bay. Here it appears the twins and David are constructing an igloo. I've no clue how they have managed to make blocks of snow. I just now noticed, Ruby is throwing a snowball, which the photo caught in mid air. I hope the snowball did not hit mama Michele.

So far at my current location we have not had enough snow stick to the ground to warrant opening the Mount Wichita Ski Resort, or that covered moving snow sidewalk which takes one to the summit for a slide back down the mountain.

Winter is about a third gone.

I suspect Winter will turn to Spring at my location without there ever being enough snow to open the Mount Wichita Ski Resort....

UPDATE: Upon further examination it appears that in the photo at the top that the entity identified as David, behind mama Michele, Ruby and Theo, is actually mama Kristen. David's whereabouts in the photo are unknown, but is suspected he is behind mama Kristen, helping attend to the collection of tubed sliding devices.

UPDATE 2: Apparently there is still a ski area at Snoqualmie Summit using the Hyak name, as in Hyak Sno Park.

UPDATE 2 Addendum: Hyak is not a ski area, those are the Summit names. Hyak is a “Sno Park” meaning it’s run by the state and you need a pass to park there, but the parking lot gets plowed and the restrooms are nice. People take off on cross country skis from there. There’s an old rail road track or something that cuts through the trees that’s perfect for hikers,/snowshoers,/XC skiers. But not downhill, that’s all at the three summit places and Alpental.

UPDATE 3: The correct name for the afore referenced Moving Snow Sidewalk is Magic Snow Carpet.

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