Saturday, January 12, 2019

Chilly Northwest Texas Saturday Imagining Kayaking Wichita Falls Holliday Creek

On this second Saturday of the new year of 2019, with the outer world breezy and feeling like freezing, I battened down my personal hatches, as in I layered on layers of outerwear, and braved that chilly outer world for a short duration of communing with nature.

That communing consisted of walking north on the Circle Trail, which runs on the west side of the Holliday Creek canyon.

At one point I saw the running high Holliday Creek was in roaring rapids mode. So, I made my way down the treacherously steep Holliday Creek canyon wall to the bank of Holliday Creek at the site of those aforementioned roaring rapids, so as to take the photo you see above.

I have long wondered why no one attempts to kayak Holliday Creek when it is running full mode, starting at the base of the Lake Wichita Dam spillway and continuing on til Holliday Creek merges with the Wichita River. Perhaps there is a point of danger of which I am not aware, such as Holliday Creek entering a giant drainage pipe, or some other dangerous element.

One see no NO KAYAKING signs along Holliday Creek, of the sort one sees at Sikes Lake, warning one not to swim, kayak or canoe in Sikes Lake.

A couple days ago I thought Spring had arrived early. And then yesterday rain fell all day, like a stereotypical Winter day in my old home zone in the Pacific Northwest. This is day two of the Texas Northwest seeming way too much like the Pacific Northwest in Winter.

I suspect this cold, gray, damp nonsense will soon abate with Texas turning sunny and warm once again...

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