Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Almost Freezing April In Texas

The outer world at my location was chilled to only a few degrees above freezing this morning when the sun arrived.

The outer world was a little warmer when I layered up and ventured forth on my non-mechanized wheeled transport device.

I do not remember it taking so long in the new year for warm air to arrive in Texas. It seems, if my memory is serving me correctly, that previous years a few cold days were always followed by non-cold days.

And don't get me started on the wind.

I am blogging for the first time on a new computer. Windows 10 is not as vexing as I thought it would be, but there has been a vexation or two or three.

I forgot to mention, in the photo documentation, above, my bike and I stopped at one of the sculpture works of art one finds on the west side of Sikes Lake.

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