Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Too Cold In Wichita Falls To Skate Frozen Holliday Creek

Frozen Holliday Creek With No Ice Skaters
New Years Day, that would be yesterday, for the first time in a long time I made no exit to the outer world at no point during the day, opting instead to remain warm.

But today, on the second day of 2018, I could remain in stir no longer without starting to go a bit crazy.

So, I installed both my long and short johns, then a couple layers more, then a hooded sweatshirt, then an insulated jacket, earmuffs, wool stocking cap, and gloves and exited to an outer world chilled well below freezing.

Well below freezing, but with the wind not blowing hard enough to wind chill the temperature down a couple dozen more degrees.

According to my somewhat reliable phone the outer world is currently a relative to yesterday warm 17 degrees, with a slight breeze making the wind chill cause those 17 degrees to feel like 16.

I lasted in the Texas North Pole simulation long enough to hike down to frozen Holliday Creek, where I saw no ice skaters. I wonder if Lake Wichita is frozen sufficiently to allow walking on ice? At my old home location in Western Washington, this many days well under freezing would freeze lakes deep enough to allow ice walking.

I wonder if there is cross country skiing and sledding happening on Mount Wichita? One more day of this Virtual Nome and I shall drive myself there to see. But, I won't bring my skis with me. That would be ridiculous...

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