Thursday, January 25, 2018

Disneyland With David, Theo & Ruby

About a month ago I got a call from David, Theo and Ruby asking me to go to Disneyland with them late in the first month of the new year.

That Disneyland proposed date with David, Theo and Ruby began today.

The twins and David knew I was going to be in Arizona a week after their scheduled Disneyland trip and that it should work out easily for me to head west a week early and go to Anaheim before heading back east to Phoenix.

However, there was a wrinkled wrench in the me going to Disneyland concept. I already had another destination I had to go to that I could not get out of going to during the Disneyland time frame.

And so I get to enjoy vicariously going to Disneyland with David, Theo and Ruby, with the first photos arriving a few minutes ago.

Behind David, Theo and Ruby, Sleeping Beauty's Castle looks as if it has been remodeled since I last visited the Sleeping Beauty, way back on Christmas of 1994. Don't the twins and David look cute in their matching Disney shirts?

I do not know what the name is of those t-shirt's shade of blue, but it is my favorite blue color. The Seattle Seahawks also use that color, and years ago, back when I used to have a rooftop patio deck festooned with flowers, many of those flowers were lobelia in that shade of blue. I used to remember the name of that particular lobelia, but age related memory loss has that name no long accessible to me.

In the next photo, possibly for a lunch date with Mickey Mouse, Ruby, Theo and David have changed their Disney attire.

I used to have a long sleeved Mickey Mouse on a mountain bike t-shirt from Disneyland. I don't think that shirt successfully made the move to this new location because I have no recollection of seeing that shirt in a long time. I never wore it anyway. I have some sort of neurotic aversion to wearing t-shirts with messages on them. This neurosis is so strong I get embarrassed for people past a certain age when I see them wearing such type t-shirts. Gar the Texan comes to mind when I think of this.

Anyway, back to the Disneyland photos.

Last week I asked David, Theo and Ruby's mom if there were any problems with height restrictions keeping the kids off of some of the fun rides, like Thunder Mountain Railway. I was told there are some rides which only David is tall enough for, a roller coaster in Disney California was mentioned which caused Theo grief when he was not allowed on board, but David was. And then on the next Disney California visit Theo had sprouted enough to join David on that roller coaster.

But I was told all were good to go on Thunder Mountain Railway, which is what I think we see a close up of Theo on below, with Ruby in the seat in front of Theo, and David ahead of Ruby.

I remember Thunder Mountain Railway as one wild ride. These are tough, difficult to scare kids.

I'd like to drive David, Theo and Ruby up the Phoenix version of Thunder Mountain, called South Mountain. Apparently their mother drove up South Mountain with our mutual mother and determined never again to do so. The drive up and down South Mountain is a bit adventurous, but I have driven roads much scarier. The Moki Dugway in Utah comes to mind.

I am not quite sure what David is doing below, but I am guessing it is Star Wars related.

David looks to be a natural young redheaded Luke Skywalker. The twins and David are such cute kids a Hollywood talent scout might discover them at their current location near Hollywood. I have been twice at Disneyland when I've run into people I recognized from TV. One time it was the guy who played Maude's husband, and another time it was the shrink from the Bob Newhart Show.

This interactive type thing we see above is a new addition to the Disneyland experience that I have not witnessed. I suspect a lot has changed in Disneyland and the parking lot I used to park on to go to Disneyland, since I was last at that location 24 years ago...

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