Saturday, April 21, 2018

Is Fort Worth The Vancouver Of The South Yet?

Saw this Is this the future of Seattle transit? A look at Vancouver, B.C. — a city that figured it out years ago article in yesterday's Seattle Times and thought, for more reasons than one, this is the type article I would never expect to be reading in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

First off, the article is well written, detailed, full of facts, maps, photo documentation and intelligent analysis comparing public transit development in Vancouver and Seattle.

Oh, and the article is totally honest and reality fact based, with no embarrassing chamber of commerce type Fort Worth delusional puffery.

Both Vancouver and Seattle have a transit problem for similar reasons. Limited land due to the towns being hemmed in by mountains and water. And being fast growing boomtowns.

Seattle made a big goof way back in 1969 when a rail transit proposal failed with the voters, delaying for decades light rail coming to Western Washington.

Meanwhile Vancouver opened its first rail transit line, called Skytrain, by the time of their world's fair, Expo 86. Over the decades since, the Skytrain has greatly expanded.

By the 1990s Seattle voters knew something had to be done, and so voters began approving transit measures, one after another, with the latest passed a $54 billion bond approved in the November 2016 vote.

Seattle is now playing catch up with Vancouver, public transit-wise.

Meanwhile in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier in this century a bizarre public works project was foisted on the public, without a vote, called the Trinity River Vision, which, in its original propaganda, was supposedly gonna turn Fort Worth into the Vancouver of the South.

I am not making that up.

Landlocked, saltwater-free, mountain-less Fort Worth was gonna be the Vancouver of the South.

The pitifully pathetic effort eventually became America's Biggest Boondoggle.

In all the years of boondoggling, Fort Worth has not even managed to build three simple little bridges over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island which was/is supposed to be part of the Vancouver of the South.

And now, this week, we have learned that that imaginary island is so contaminated with toxins it makes workers sick to work on it.

And something of concern to modern locations in North America, like public transit, is not even remotely on the Fort Worth radar screen, as the city builds more and more sprawl without adequate modern transportation infrastructure.

Another huge difference in this Seattle Times article as compared to anything one would read in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is the number of comments, intelligent, thoughtful detailed comments. Not dozens of comments, hundreds of comments. The comment flood happens over and over again in Seattle Times articles.

A Star-Telegram article may generate a comment or two, sometimes, and often the comments are, well, embarrassing in their ignorance and wrongheadedness.

Methinks that until Fort Worth gets a real newspaper the town has no real hope of ever lifting itself up from being an American backwards backwater.

Seattle has more than one newspaper, in a town smaller than Fort Worth. I don't know how many newspapers Vancouver has...

Friday, April 20, 2018

Fort Worth's Imaginary Island Boondoggle Makes Workers Sick

I first saw that which you see here via a blog post comment...

Matthew Hunter has left a new comment on your post "Questioning Fort Worth's TRWD Imaginary Flood Control Bond Levee Vote":

This is in addition to a story that came out in today's Star-Telegram and was buried among various fluff-pieces on their Facebook feed. It seems the company hired to widen the North side of the river for this project ran into some toxic oil refinery waste, which has contaminated groundwater that now flows right into the river. The city, meanwhile, blew it off, and has apparently tried to cover it up. Because, of course, they don't want people to know that they're tubing in a toxic toilet that cost over a billion dollars to build. What benzene? Oh, THAT benzene...oh, that's nothing. Here, look at the pretty fireworks and have a beer! See? Fun! 

Contaminated soil made construction workers sick. Fort Worth's river runs alongside it

Over the years of this current century, years where what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle has been boondoggling along, I have opined a time or two or three that if the point in time is ever reached when actual construction begins on Fort Worth's imaginary island that serious ground pollution will likely be discovered, most likely of a level requiring an EPA Superfund cleanup.

A couple bloggings from years ago verbalizing this contaminated pollution concern...

From July 19, 2009, Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision Gets Contaminated and from December 15, 2014, Tacoma's Foss Waterway Development Authority vs. Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision Authority Boondoggle.

I am not much of a fan of saying I told you so, but I told you so.

The first few paragraphs of the Star-Telegram Contaminated soil made construction workers sick. Fort Worth's river runs alongside it article...


About 30 construction workers were exposed to hazardous materials in their work as part of the Panther Island project, and it all could have been avoided, the company's CEO said.

But as the agencies involved point fingers at each other over who is to blame for not telling the PennaGroup that the soil contained cancer-causing benzine, among other things, CEO Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga still waits for $2.9 million he said he's owed for cleaning up the mess in the area just east of downtown nearly eight years ago.

At the very least, Evangelista-Ysasaga said, the soil condition should have been included in the bid announcement. Instead, Evangelista-Ysasaga said he was told only after he pressed the issue.

That was after a construction supervisor alerted him when some of the workers began feeling nauseous and dizzy and he pulled them from the site. To date, none of the workers has suffered any illness, he said.


An apropos comment on Facebook this morning about this latest iteration of Fort Worth's ongoing massive boondoggle....

Blake Woodard: Thanks to Sandra Baker for writing this story. It’s a miracle it made it past Star-Telegram management, as the Star-Telegram is TRWD’s unpaid public relations department. Bud Kennedy must be on vacation.

On Bud’s next vacation, maybe Sandra would like to write an article on what a scam the IPL is. I will be happy to show her the TRWD’s own consulting engineering firm’s report on how IPL will bring no new water to Fort Worth.


The IPL referred to is the Integrated Pipe Line, I think. Yet one more TRWD boondoggle.

Regarding the contamination on Fort Worth's imaginary island. Is this not yet one more good reason for a big NO vote on May 5?

The pollution cleanup cost should long ago have been figured into the budget for this boondoggle. If this ineptly mismanaged project goes forward who knows how many more millions, or billions, will be needed to clean up this mess?

And at this point in time what investor is going to be willing to invest in building anything on the imaginary, polluted island? Even that relatively puny $55 million apartment complex which J.D. Granger has been touting for years as being about to be under construction, would this investor proceed with construction with this contamination debacle looming with its extent unknown?

Isn't the TIF related to the May 5 quarter billion buck bond somehow predicated on development on the contaminated imaginary island somehow generating enough value to pay for the bonds?

Methinks this May 5 vote is just the latest, most blatant iteration of what has become, and will likely continue to be, America's Biggest Boondoggle.

That is, unless somehow responsible qualified adults take over the project and somehow turn this embarrassing mess around. And that process may start with that big NO vote on May 5...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Voting YES May 5 On Honest Texas Town Bond Propositions

And vote NO on fraudulent, misleading Texas town bond propositions.

This upcoming May 5 I know of at least two Texas towns which are putting bond measure propositions before their voters.

The two Texas towns I speak of are Wichita Falls and Fort Worth.

In Wichita Falls every voter in town, gets to vote on seven propositions, should they choose to do so.

In Fort Worth only a select few in a select area get to vote on one proposition, for a quarter billion bucks.

The Wichita Falls ballot specifically details seven propositions, A to G. The Fort Worth ballot erroneously claims the quarter billion bucks is for flood control and drainage. When the quarter billion bucks is actually a last ditch effort to rescue what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

Responsible adults seems to be in charge in Wichita Falls. Not so much in Fort Worth, a town where the local congresswoman's unqualified son was made director of the project he has turned into an embarrassing boondoggle. With river floats in the polluted Trinity River, ice rinks, failed wakeboard parks and a litany of other nonsense.

Yesterday's mail delivered a simple one page mailer asking me to VOTE YES to FINISH THE TRAIL. That mailer details Wichita Falls Propositions A & B....

Proposition A
One of our most unique assets is the Circle Trail, and it’s so close to being finished.  Proposition A will get us 99% of the way there (and Prop B will finish it).  With your approval we’ll finish the segments from Loop 11 to Lucy Park, from Seymour Highway near Smith’s Gardentown to Barnett Road along the railroad tracks, and from Lake Wichita Park to Larry’s Marine.  We’ll also build two new trail connectors, one from Holliday Creek up to Sikes Lake at MSU, and one from the Ohio Street Bridge out to the main gate at Sheppard Air Force Base.  This will give thousands more people at MSU and on base access to the trail and everything else connected to it.  Proposition A also includes new turf fields for the Sports Complex and a resurfaced parking lot at Lake Wichita by the trail.

Proposition B
Proposition B picks up where Prop A left off, finishing the last segment of the Circle Trail from Larry’s Marine to Barnett Road.  This will provide many more people with access to Lake Wichita, connecting to the trail from points all over the city. Once they get to the lake, Prop B will provide them with a new boardwalk at the site of the original one lost to us many years ago.  Finally, this proposition will develop a new veterans memorial plaza next to the Kemp Street boat ramp, complete with a brand new Vietnam Memorial.  The boardwalk and veterans plaza both have matching grants that will pay for the majority of their costs; we just need to find the rest.  If we don’t, those funds are lost forever and we’ll have missed out on a great chance to improve our community.

I have not seen it, but I have been told that those few voters allowed to vote on TRWD Trinity River Vision issues have been mailed an over the top publication full of misleading propaganda urging those voters to vote YES to the May 5 $250,000,000 bond issue to pay for imaginary flood control and drainage in an area which has not flooded in well over half a century.

Vote NO on the Fort Worth bond proposition, Vote YES on the Wichita Falls multiple propositons....

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Windy Cold Caribbean Route To Sikes Lake With Five Goslings

Once again a cold wind from the north is blowing into North Texas, blowing out the hot air which had blown in recently from the south.

Yesterday was hot, I think in the low 90s.

Today, when I went for a bike ride, the outer world was barely 60.

And blowing hard, real hard, making, I am sure, for a chilly wind chill factor.

So, I rolled around my Caribbean neighborhood, past Haiti and Grenada, and then took the Montego route direct to Sikes Lake, where, for the first time at this location, I saw recently hatched birds floating with what I assume were there parental units.

The flock of five goslings seemed to have no trouble keeping up with the floating adults paddling against the wind.

I heard no gosling honking or whatever the communicative noise baby geese make. Then again, if they were honking I likely would not have been able to hear it over the howling wind...

Will Fort Worth's Panther Island Madness End On May 5?

A couple days ago I read this What will $250 million bond for Panther Island project mean for property taxes? article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

And was appalled by what I read. That and the bad writing I was reading. Typos, spelling errors.

And erroneous information.

It has been a couple days. Maybe the Star-Telegram found itself an editor who cleaned up this article's mistakes. Then again, as recently as yesterday, I read this article's bad grammar referenced in comments to a Facebook post by the Star-Telegram's food critic and resident apologist for the Fort Worth Way.

Read the article yourself by clicking the What will $250 million bond for Panther Island project mean for property taxes? link and see if the mistakes have been fixed.

I will share some of the appalling erroneous information, and out and out misleading propaganda, which existed when I read and copied the article. First example....

Plus, the improvements are needed to improve the flow of flood water through the heart of Fort Worth. When the existing levee system was build in the 1960s, Fort Worth only had about 350,000 residents, but today there are nearly 900,000 residents and suburban development upstream has dramatically increased the flow of storm water during severe storms, said Jim Oliver, water district general manager.

Those levees were built in the 1950s, not the 1960s. (Note I typed "built" not "build"). Jim Oliver, paid around $300K a year to mis-manage the TRWD, doesn't know when those levees were built?

And then there is the following gem, also from the TRWD mis-manager, Jim Oliver...

If the bond election were to fail, the first option would be to simply delay the Panther Island project by a few years, which could lead to higher construction costs, Oliver said. But ultimately, if Panther Island were not built, the water district might eventually have to consider building higher levees and buying more private property for water storage, something that not only could lead to higher property taxes but would be a missed opportunity to build a beautiful new neighborhood with a river walk, he said.

So much absurd nonsense in the above paragraph. If the imaginary island is not surrounded with water the water district might have to raise the levees?

Raise the levees?

Those levees have prevented flooding in the downtown Fort Worth zone for well over a half century. Has anyone ever seen a flooding Trinity River ever get anywhere near topping those levees? And Oliver is threatening even more private property may be taken? Adding to all the property stolen via abusing eminent domain in the area where America's Biggest Boondoggle has been boondoggling along for years with little to show for all the money already wasted and property damage already done.

Well, to be fair, we did get to see a little wakeboard park for a short while before it failed. And there are those Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats at an imaginary pavilion at an imaginary world class music venue, with outhouses, and the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century, sporting an ice rink for a few weeks during the winter. And other wonders which have nothing to do with flood control.

Or drainage.

Speaking of which. Here are another couple gems in this article...

A proposition on the ballot seeks permission to issue $250 million in bonds to cover the remaining unfunded portion of the $1.17 billion project, including among other things the acquisition of land, the re-channeling of 1.5 miles of the Trinity River and the construction of flood gates and water storage areas.

On the ballot, the measure is listed as Tarrant Regional Water District Proposition A, and is described as a measure for “flood control and drainage facilities.” Panther Island isn’t mentioned by name.

Okay, this article first points out what the quarter billion bucks is actually for in one paragraph, and then the next paragraph mentions how the measure is described on the ballot. Without any sort of mention made of the fact that this would seem to be fraudulent, to mis-describe a ballot measure so egregiously.

What a shocker. Panther Island is not mentioned on the ballot. Maybe the measure was run by some sort of lawyer who made some sort of point about it not being a good idea to mention an imaginary island which does not exist and never will be an island in any real sense of that island word if the Trinity River Vision ever does become something anyone can see.

When will this madness end? Maybe with a big NO vote on May 5...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wichita Falls Hamilton Park New Hammock Included Playable Park Art

A few days ago I made mention of the fact I had not seen any kids playing on the new piece of abstract looking playground equipment in Wichita Falls' Hamilton Park.

Well, today that phenomenon of not seeing kids playing on this abstract looking playground equipment came to an end as soon as this work of playable park art came into view.

Two barely post toddler sized kids were having themselves a mighty fine time climbing on the conveyor belt type straps strung between angled posts.

While what appeared likely to be the kid's maternal parental figure used one of the wider conveyor belts as a hammock.

This is one cleverly designed piece of playground equipment.

In that previous blogging about this serious subject I opined that maybe a sign with directions explaining how to play on this thing might be needed. Apparently, as I often am, I was wrong. Kids can figure out how to play on this, and mom's can figure out how to relax whilst the kids play.

Unscheduled Wichita Falls May 5 Texas Bond Election Interview

Yesterday, Monday, the first day of a new week, winter left, once again, from North Texas, with balmy warmth blowing in from the south.

And so, what with once again no need for excessive outer wear I took off in the noon time frame to have myself a mighty fine long bike ride which eventually took me to Mount Wichita, that being the towering, currently snow cap-free, mountain you see here.

When I rolled under the shadow of Mount Wichita I suddenly found myself participating in an unscheduled interview with Wichita Falls Channel 3 TV News, with the interviewer being a perky young lady who asked me if I would answer a few questions on camera.

I am a pathologically shy person, and so I declined the on air request, but agreed to answer questions.

I do not think the Channel 3 TV News young lady knew I am the un-official Wichita Falls Convention Center and Visitors Center Outdoor Adventure Guru. I thought it best to not share that fact. Such info made have made her more insistent I agree to be interviewed on camera.

What the Channel 3 TV News young lady wanted to ask me about was my thoughts on the upcoming May 5 Propositions voters are being asked to approve.

No, this was not about Fort Worth's fraudulent vote hoping to approve a quarter billion bucks via a ballot which misrepresents that which is being voted for, making it seem as if one is voting to prevent floods and fix drains, when the funds are actually directed to rescuing America's Biggest Boondoggle from its financial ineptitude.

Unlike Fort Worth, Wichita Falls is a Texas town which puts ballot measures before its voters in a straightforward, non-corrupt, honest, normal, American democratic way.

In other words Wichita Falls does not ask voters to approve some fool thing by asking voters to approve a dollar rental fee for a livestock stall. That type thing. Wichita Falls puts a measure before its voters in a clear, direct way, not the confused dishonest Fort Worth Way.

In that same upcoming May 5 election where Fort Worth voters, well the few allowed to do so, are being asked to approve a quarter billion bond misrepresented as being for flood control and drainage issues, Wichita Falls voters well be voting on a precise, succinct series of propositions honestly describing that which is being proposed.

Let's look at a short summation of the $131 million worth of seven propositions Wichita Falls will be voting for or against on May 5...

Proposition A is for park improvements. That would entail circle trail improvements, including the aqueduct trail, the spur from the Ohio Street bridge, and replenishing turf at the softball complex.

Proposition B is an issue for shoreline improvements at Lake Wichita this includes projects such as the Veteran's Memorial Plaza and a pavilion and boardwalk for the lake.

Proposition C will be for street repairs, which could help fund the Maplewood extension, widen parts of Taft Boulevard and drainage improvements.

Proposition D will help fund a new municipal government center in the downtown area, and police and fire department facilities.

Proposition E is created for renovations and upgrades at the MPEC, including ticket scanners at the coliseum, camera and surveillance upgrades in several portions of the MPEC.

Proposition F is for Memorial Auditorium upgrades. This includes lighting and sound system upgrades for Memorial Auditorium.

Proposition G — the last proposition — with go towards downtown improvements, such as sidewalk renovations, parking lots and other beautification improvements in the area.

Above you are seeing the short summations of the various Wichita Falls propositions. The actual details are much more specific, unlike that which happens in that aforementioned American backwards backwater known as Fort Worth...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Questioning Fort Worth's TRWD Imaginary Flood Control Bond Levee Vote

A thing or two about a thing or two has me thinking a thing or two about this upcoming May vote when voters, well, those few allowed to do so, are being asked to approve a quarter billion bond to funnel funds to what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, originally officially known as the Trinity River Vision, later morphed to being the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

Also known as an ineptly implemented, ill-conceived embarrassment which could not take place in other, well, more developed locations in America.

By developed I mean locations in America populated by informed citizens who have had some contact with how the more modern, more advanced, more progressive locations in America operate in what is sometimes characterized as the Democratic Way, rather than what is known as the Fort Worth Way.

You know, locations in America where a public works project is approved by the voters, after a thorough vetting of the project's plans.

You know, a location in America where something like nepotism is a big NO NO. You know, nepotism. Giving a job to someone with exploitable connections with that connected someone having zero qualifications for the job nepotistically given.

And who then proceeds to botch the job nefariously nepotistically corruptly given. Hence one of the reasons nepotism is frowned upon in democratic locations in America and the world.

You know, sort of why many Americans are currently appalled at Ivanka Trump pretending to be the acting Secretary of State at some international meeting in South America.

The Trumps are a text book example of why nepotism is considered corrupt and unethical.

Back to the main subject. So, we have this Trinity River Vision bond vote for a quarter billion bucks. On the ballot the verbiage indicates these bucks are for flood control and drainage, specifically, right from the ballot...

Tarrant Regional Water District, A Water Control and Improvement District, Proposition A
The issuance of $250,000,000 bonds for flood control and drainage facilities and the levy of taxes to pay for the bonds.

Recently, in a blogging about Fort Worth Weekly Asking If You Can Spare A Billion For America's Biggest Boondoggle mention was made of the ongoing criminal investigation into Election Fraud alleged to have been perpetrated by the parent of America's Biggest Boondoggle, the Tarrant Regional Water District, the same parent behind putting this quarter billion buck bond before the voters.

How can an entity under investigation for criminal election fraud be allowed to put measures to a vote when the entity is under investigation?

Is there not a lawyer with imagination in the Fort Worth Way zone who could file some sort of injunction to stop this obviously fraudulent ballot measure, touting flood control where there has been no flood for well over half a century due to flood prevention levees long in place, long ago paid for?

And another thing.

The issue of who it is who gets to vote in a TWRD election.

If you live in Haltom City, a town with actual flood issues, and other towns and locations in the TRWD service area, you don't get to vote in a TRWD election.

When this who gets to vote issue has been raised previously one of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's well regarded, by some, apologists, repeats, as explanation, that only "Stakeholders" get to vote in a TRWD election.

With the "Stakeholder" area being that area which was covered by the initial originating of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

When I lived in Fort Worth I was a "Stakeholder" even though I was a recent immigrant who happened to move into the magical "Stakeholder" area.

How does it make any sense that all who are affected by the TRWD's shenanigans are not allowed to vote on TRWD issues? Isn't this just one more type of Election Fraud?

This is all perplexing, and like many of us have already said, Vote NO On TRWD Fraudulent Water Control Bond...

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Windy Cold Lucy Park Adventure To Wichita Falls

What with winter deciding to make yet one more weekend return to North Texas, blowing in extremely cold overnight, there was no way I was in the mood to layer on the outerwear to venture out into the outer world to roll my pedal powered wheels anywhere.

So, I opted to roll my mechanized wheels to Lucy Park, a location I formerly frequented frequently but in recent times, not so much.

I thought what with me being the semi-official Wichita Falls Outdoor Adventure Guru I would have myself some waterfall adventuring at Wichita Falls today.

As you can see Wichita Falls is running in full fall mode today. The Wichita River was also running a lot of water. Seems odd since not much rain has fallen of late.

Well, let's take a look at some views some have never seen of Wichita Falls, including a video which you will come to as you scroll down the photos.

Above we are hiking the serpentine brick trail which meanders to the top of Wichita Falls. You can see a peak at the falls through the foliage.

Now we are at the top of the falls, looking over the watery precipice, getting soaked from the windblown mist.

Another look at the roaring waterfall that sort of gives this town its name.

Another view from the top of Wichita Falls, looking down on the new Circle Trail bridge across the falls and the aforementioned Wichita River.

Above we are at the bottom of the falls, about to run up those steps to get up close to the top of the falls.

There we are, as far as one can go on those steps, up close to Wichita Falls.

And below you can join me on a video run up those steps to the view you see above...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tomorrow April Iceman Cometh Again To North Texas

Last weekend North Texas dropped into an April deep freeze, with the temperature several degrees below freezing at its chilliest.

By Monday the deep freeze retreated.

By Thursday the outer world in North Texas found itself heated into the 90s, with thousands of A/C units on and cooling for the first time in 2018.

While the air was being heated into the 90s the warmth was blowing in from the south at high speed.

Those high speed winds, gusting at time to speeds nearing 40, made for a challenging bike ride yesterday when I rolled my wheels to Lake Wichita to do some dock floating and rocking and rolling.

At one point a gust removed my new sunglasses and sent them to a watery grave.

And now, this morning, I learn via the Wichita Falls Times News Record, we are once again heading into a freeze.

A windy freeze tomorrow, as you can see via the screen cap above. I suppose I will go on a warm windy bike ride today, and likely fore go that pleasure tomorrow....

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fort Worth Weekly Asks If You Can Spare A Billion For America's Biggest Boondoggle

A couple days ago I mentioned the fact I thought it was time to Let Us See The Texas Attorney General TRWD Criminal File.

The mentioning of that fact ended up on Facebook, generating some interesting comments, including the following two..

Clyde Picht: Remind me sometime to tell you about the 2006 water board election where 6 precincts in minority neighborhoods suddenly got so interested in the election that they produced 50-70 mail ballots each. Enough to tilt the outcome of the election. Yet two years later when Barack Obama was on the ballot no one voted by mail in one of those precincts.

Aaron Harris: I'll say this....this is a good time for Durango to stock up on ink....the next month or two are going to be interesting.

I need to stock up on ink? What fresh hell is about to descend upon us?

Meanwhile, the closest thing Fort Worth has to a legitimate newspaper of record, Fort Worth Weekly, has gotten on board with the 20/20 sight see-ers seeing the Trinity River Vision for what it is, or isn't.

The first paragraph of some FW Weekly Static about what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle...

Fort Worth officials and Tarrant Regional Water District personnel have more nerve than a bum tooth, or else they don’t realize the gall it takes to seek a $250 million bond referendum to pay for “flood control.” The election is May 5, and approval means the bond money is expected to go to the Trinity River Vision plan, now referred to as Panther Island. This could raise the total cost of that project to more than $1 billion.

Read the entire Buddy, Can You Spare A Billion? article...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Texas Wildflowers In Bloom Including Pink Evening Primroses In Wichita Falls

It was decades ago.

Well, the next to last year of the last century, when I first saw the pink Texas beauties of the type you see here.

It was early May, heading towards DFW from the northwest, driving southeast on Highway 287, somewhere between Amarillo and Wichita Falls I started to see patches of pink along side the road.

After a few miles of seeing this I felt the need to stop for an up close look at the delicate flowers.

This was my introduction to Texas wildflowers.

I do not remember when it was I learned these wildflowers were called something like Evening Primroses.

The patch of pink I stopped and photo documented today were one patch among many one rolls by whilst biking around Sikes Lakes.

Windy today, extremely so. I was happy the Evening Primroses were able to rigidly pose long enough to take their picture...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Let Us See The Texas Attorney General TRWD Criminal File

Interesting incoming information came in late Monday afternoon.


Let's call this source Deep Moat II.

Deep Moat was the name used by a person who, years ago, emailed me information from inside the offices of what was then known as the Trinity River Vision, which years later is now known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, or, more commonly, America's Biggest Boondoggle.

The interesting info from Deep Moat II is also about America's Biggest Boondoggle, specifically the parent which birthed that ongoing fraud, the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Deep Moat II has been doing some Open Records requesting with the Texas Office of the Attorney General Law Enforcement Division.

Among the Open Records requested and received are email exchanges between a notorious Fort Worth politician, up for re-election, and her son who was given a special job for which he had zero qualifications.

Among the Open Records requested, which were denied, was an Open Records request requesting the records of the Texas Attorney General Law Enforcement Division investigation into criminal activity of the aforementioned TRWD (Tarrant Regional Water District). Supposedly, this Open Records request was denied because this is an open, ongoing criminal investigation.

A paragraph from the Open Records request denial...

On 3/23/16, Texas Attorney General (OAG) SERGEANT (SGT.) WAYNE RUBIO was assigned this investigation. This investigation was referred by the Texas Secretary of State's Office and involves multiple allegations of election code violations, including, but not limited to; Illegal Voting, Unlawful Assistance, Carrier Envelope Action by Person Other than Voter, Method of Returning Marked Ballot, Assisting Voter, Assisting Applicant, and Providing False Information on Application. Specifically, it is believed several suspects committed the various election code violations on or around the May 9, 2015 Tarrant County Joint Elections and the March 2016 Primary Election.

I am assuming the election being investigated is the TRWD Board Election with results so obviously fraudulent it was astonishing the results did not instantly erupt into a scandal, with an outraged outcry from Fort Worth's responsible newspaper of record. Unfortunately Fort Worth does not have one of those.

And so crooks get away with stealing elections, because, apparently, or so I have been told, that has long been the Fort Worth Way.

And now, in 2018, in the coming month of May, there will be another TRWD sponsored election, likely with shenanigans and fraud involved, so desperate is the TRWD to get their hands on a quarter billion bucks to try and rescue the sinking mess which is now known as America's Biggest Boondoggle....

Monday, April 9, 2018

Warm Wichita Falls Ride To Hamilton Park Playground Art

No, that is not some sort of hang glider flying type contraption you see my bike looking at here.

What you are seeing is the new playground installation in the Wichita Falls park named Hamilton.

This looks more like some sort of art installation than something for kids to play on.

I have yet to see any kids playing on this. I have seen kids crawling around on the padded ground cover upon which the playground installation sits.

I think maybe kids are not able to figure out how they are supposed to play on this. Maybe there should be a sign with instructions.

My last bike ride was on Friday, when the outer world was heated to nearly the 80 degree zone. Then later that day a cold front arrived, dropping the outer world temperature to below freezing for most of the next two days.

That return to winter left by this morning. Let us hope this past weekend was finally the death rattle of the coldest winter since I have been in Texas.

If I remember right it was in December of 1998 I arrived in Texas. I left Washington in a heavy rainstorm and six days later arrived at my new Texas location in an even heavier rainstorm. With flooding. My weather intro to Texas was harsh. That wet entry was followed two weeks later by the first Ice Storm I've ever slipped in.

I moved to my first Texas domicile without having previously seen it in person. I only saw multiple photos. I remember when I first saw the pool I was appalled by how small it looked, not realizing my perspective made it look smaller than it actually was, which turned out to be plenty big, with a deep end and a diving board.

Currently there is an operation underway to find me a new domicile, in a state out west called Arizona. I am heading to Arizona, again, in a couple weeks.

There is a fairly good chance Durango Texas will soon become Durango Arizona.

Time will tell....

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Will April Freeze Kill The Flowers Of May?

Yesterday when I went waving to the summit of Mount Wichita I was rolling my wheels against a balmy wind heated to somewhere in the high 70s low 80s zone.

That semi-hot bike ride was to be the hot highpoint of the last 24 hours.

Friday as the afternoon progressed the outer air chilled cooler and cooler, til eventually it became as cold as a frigid winter day.

And overnight we froze, as you can see via the screencap. Freezing with the wind making the air feel as if it as 16 degrees.

So, I won't be doing any bike riding. Or swimming. Today.

I do not recollect this type chill happening any April previous during the years of my Texas exile.

Will this freeze wreak havoc of the blooming buds and the wildflowers starting to sprout? And my tomato plants? What will happen to my tomato plants?

UPDATE: As this Saturday morning has progressed, the temperature continues to fall...

Friday, April 6, 2018

Waving To Mount Wichita Summit

With thunderstorming on the menu for today, and with a good strong warm wind blowing I decided to risk dodging lightning bolts to take myself on a multi-mile rolling of my bike's wheels.

As you can see via the view of the Mount Wichita mini-volcano, Lake Wichita was doing some white cap wave rocking and rolling when it came into view.

The waves do not look to be quite surfing worthy, but getting close.

I can not remember the last time, if ever, I went surfing. I do recollect doing what is known as body surfing in the Pacific Ocean.

I am currently thinking about locating myself closer to that aforementioned Pacific Ocean.

I am also currently thinking about getting myself in better shape in anticipation of hiking to the summit of Camelback Mountain with my Sister Jackie and Brother Jake, of course with the caveat that their various hiking issues are in full abatement.

With that getting in better shape concept in mind when I reached Mount Wichita I decided to park my bike and take a quick run to the summit of the highest mountain within miles, though not nearly as high as Camelback Mountain.

In the view above we are at the summit of Mount Wichita, looking southeast at Lake Wichita, and my bike being that small dot at the bottom of the mountain.

So far today I have seen zero lightning bolts and have hear no thunder rumbling.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Almost Freezing April In Texas

The outer world at my location was chilled to only a few degrees above freezing this morning when the sun arrived.

The outer world was a little warmer when I layered up and ventured forth on my non-mechanized wheeled transport device.

I do not remember it taking so long in the new year for warm air to arrive in Texas. It seems, if my memory is serving me correctly, that previous years a few cold days were always followed by non-cold days.

And don't get me started on the wind.

I am blogging for the first time on a new computer. Windows 10 is not as vexing as I thought it would be, but there has been a vexation or two or three.

I forgot to mention, in the photo documentation, above, my bike and I stopped at one of the sculpture works of art one finds on the west side of Sikes Lake.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Vote NO On TRWD Fraudulent Water Control Bond

In February whilst I was not in Texas I thought my gullibility was being tested when a well known Tarrant County-ite emailed me that America's Biggest Boondoggle was putting a bond proposition before those few voters in Tarrant County who are allowed to vote in a Tarrant Regional Water District election.

When I lived in Tarrant County I was included in the zone of those allowed to vote on TRWD issues.

I've never had it sensibly explained to me why all those effected by what the TRWD does are not allowed to vote on TRWD issues. Such as those Tarrant County voters who vote in Haltom City.

Haltom City is a town which has had some deadly flooding issues.

Unlike the area being disturbed by America's Biggest Boondoggle, that being an area which has not flooded for well over half a century, due to levees preventing the river from misbehaving.

That which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle has never directly been put to a vote where voters approve or disapprove.

How a town's landscape can be so drastically altered without the town's citizens voting to approve of the landscape alteration has long seemed bizarre to me, what with such shenanigans not being anything I ever witnessed whilst living out west in modern America, where no public agency would dare to do something so stupid as hire the totally unqualified son of a local politician so as to motivate that politician to secure federal funding.

Apparently that federal money has not been flowing into Fort Worth fast enough. And so on May 5 those few who are allowed to vote in a TRWD election are being asked to approve a $250,000,000 bond proposition.

The wording on the ballot seems like it would be considered fraudulent in a sane location in America...

Tarrant Regional Water District, A Water Control and Improvement District, Proposition A
The issuance of $250,000,000 bonds for flood control and drainage facilities and the levy of taxes to pay for the bonds.

Flood control? Drainage facilities? Like I already said there has been no flood to control in the area sporting America's Biggest Boondoggle since way back in the 1950s when levees were built to contain a high rising Trinity River.

Former TRWD board member, Mary Kelleher, who has seen the TRWD madness up close, has articulated her concerns about this "election" in Fort Worth Voters Beware of Proposition Propaganda.

I have read it claimed that this quarter billion dollar bond issue won't cost taxpayers anything. Who is getting taxed then to pay for these bonds?

I have read that this bond will be paid for via a TIF.

You know,  "Tax Increment Financing which enables municipalities to self-finance its redevelopment programs. TIF funds can pay for public improvements and other economic development incentives using the increased property tax revenue the improvements generate."

So, apparently the money to pay for these bonds would come from the property taxes accrued from all the valuable property built on America's Biggest Boondoggle's imaginary island.

What responsible developer is going to risk developing anything on that imaginary island, what with its latest project completion date being in 2028?

For what seems years now the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision's project manager, J.D. Granger, has been claiming a Dallas developer is soon going to be building a small apartment complex on the Boondoggle's imaginary island, with the developer also digging a ditch to tie into the imaginary canal system traversing the imaginary island.

Why would any developer develop anything on that imaginary island in its current state? With three simple little bridges being built in ultra slow motion over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to that imaginary island.

And what happens to America's Biggest Boondoggle if those few who are allowed to vote do not get conned into approving this bond proposition? Will the Boondogglers use the bond failure as their excuse for the project failing?

When is 60 Minutes coming to Fort Worth to do a Granger expose?

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Adventure Unplugged In Wichita Falls Visitors Guide

Months ago I found myself surprised to learn I had become the Wichita Falls Visitor Bureau Outdoor Adventure Guru.

I learned this when I was asked if use could be made of a blog post about the newly opened Wichita Bluff Nature Area.

I said sure, make whatever use of that blog post you can make of it.

That blog post was then re-configured and turned into what you see above, a couple pages in this year's Wichita Falls Visitors Guide.

I like the heading above the photo of me.


I have no idea what that means, for sure, but I like the sound of it. I basically like anything unplugged.

One of the perks of being the Wichita Falls Outdoor Adventure Guru is I get all the water I can drink any time one of my unplugged outdoor adventures takes me to the Wichita Falls Visitors Center offices.

I have yet to avail myself of this hydration opportunity....

Saturday, March 31, 2018

No Tarrant County Election Fraud Criminal Charges While Crystal Mason Gets Five Year Sentence

That should say "Crystal Mason of Tarrant County, Texas voted in 2016 without realizing she was disenfranchised due to a felony."

You know, Tarrant, that county in Texas which recently was nationally, well, internationally embarrassed when a judge ordered an uncooperative witness to get zapped into answering questions.

Tarrant County is also the location of an election which triggered the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history. With that investigation triggered by the way out of the norm number of absentee Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election ballots cast for Marty Leonard and  Jim Lane. Somewhere around 10,000 absentee ballots.

Receiving 10,000 votes used to be enough votes to give a candidate the win in a TRWD Board Election.

This particular Tarrant County election fraud has been the subject of a number of blog posts....

Evidence Corrupt Tarrant County Political Machine Steals Elections

Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election Fraud

Is The TRWD-Gate Scandal About To Blow Wide Open?

A Noble Look At Probable Election Fraud In The Recent TRWD Board Election

Even though this rather obvious Tarrant County election fraud was so obvious even the world's most oblivious person could see it, nothing has been done, no one has been prosecuted, no charges have been filed, nothing has happened.

Well, there was that next TRWD Board Election which saw Mary Kelleher lose with results which seemed as out of whack as was the previous TRWD Board Election. With again, nothing happening of the righting a wrong sort.

But now, a young Tarrant County woman who was on probation after having served time for a felony, who voted in the 2016 election, has been sentenced to five years in prison for voting when the terms of her probation forbid her from doing so.

When Crystal Mason went to vote she was not on the voting rolls, and so she was given a provisional ballot. You know, the type ballot one is given if ones validity as a voter is in question, so you get to vote with that vote only counting once it is determined you were eligible to vote.

Crystal Mason says she was not aware she was not allowed to vote due to her felony. Like Crystal Mason has said in the press, if she knew she could get in trouble and risk being sent back to prison, once again locked away from her daughter, would she have taken such a risk?

Methinks no. Honest mistake on Crystal Mason's part.

And even if Crystal Mason voted fully aware she was not supposed to be doing so, is doing so really a crime of a level warranting five years in prison?

Methinks, absolutely no.

Due to that provisional ballot thing Crystal Mason's vote did not count. No harm done.

Meanwhile, who is doing time for the Tarrant County ballot shenanigans which triggered the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history?

I am hoping sanity prevails and a higher court than a corrupt Tarrant County one overturns Crystal Mason's five year prison sentence...

Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday Lake Wichita Flying Fish Following Fishers Of Men To Easter

This morning I took my motorized means of conveyance to the doctor for an oil change.

While that was happening I found myself a new portable computing device.

As soon as the fog lifted this morning I felt a surge of energy which had been absent for a couple foggy days.

Rain the past few days has left some puddling in its wake.

Even with some remaining puddling, around noon I decided my bike needed some wheel time, so I rolled it to Lake Wichita where eventually my bike and I stopped at the Lake Wichita Flying Fish.

A plaque of the inspirational sort, at least I am assuming that is the intention, has been added to the Flying Fish since I last stopped at that location...


It is so amazing that it is known what Jesus said all those many years ago, what with there being no recording devices available at the time, except for memory and and words written long after Jesus said them, if he did say them.

I think today is the anniversary of that day, long ago, when Jesus died for a couple days, murdered by evil Romans, only to come back to life the following Sunday, which came to be called Easter.

I think I have that story right...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Visiting Haltom City's Elsie The Cow Where Dreams Come True

Yes, as you can clearly see via the photo documentation, today I found myself at that place "WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE".

Haltom City.

Well, at Fuel City in Haltom City.

At this location one finds a couple buffalo, a couple longhorn, and one beast which looks like a zebra losing its stripes.

Someone told me that the biggest of the longhorns was named Elsie the Cow as some sort of homage to Haltom City native, Elsie Hotpepper.

I find that a bit hard to believe. It would seem more likely one of the buffalo would be named after Elsie.

Then again, when I called out the name "Elsie" the big longhorned wonder you see above responded, lifting its horns in a proud photo posing stance which seems quite reminiscent of Elsie Hotpepper in one of her patented selfie posing modes.

There is talk lately of me moving out of Texas, heading west. I am conflicted. I enjoy my monthly returns to the DFW zone. Among other things I do in Texas...

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Elsie Hotpepper Caught Shamelessly Taking Forbidden Sikes Lake Selfies

A couple days ago Elsie Hotpepper's appointment secretary made contact to arrange a meeting this weekend whilst the Hotpepper was in Wichita Falls for some Hi Jinks involving a Silver Dollar Saloon and a stage once performed on by Elvis.

After some negotiating it was arranged to meet Elsie Hotpepper at a bench on the Sikes Lake paved trail at the north end of the signature bridge at the west end of the lake.

Elsie Hotpepper agreed to come alone, without her entourage and that she would take no photos, no selfies, no nothing of the take a photo type thing.

The no photo clause was inserted due to previous incidents where Elsie Hotpepper took stealth photos, unbeknownst to those photographed, with those photos then showing up in various venues, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dallas Observer, Fox News, and other such spots.

So, today, whilst on that aforementioned Sikes Lake signature bridge, Elsie Hotpepper whipped out her phone and took a photo before prevention measures could be taken. When chastised for this breech of photo protocol Elsie claimed she was just taking a selife of herself with Sikes Lake in the background.

And then, a few minutes ago the photo Elsie took began to show up on various social media, where it was quickly clear Elsie had surreptitiously taken a forbidden photo, using her sunglassess as reflective mirror.


And people still wonder why there are people who insist you just can not trust Elsie Hotpepper.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Warm Saturday Spring Lake Wichita Wheel Rolling Looking For Saloon Hopping Hotpepper

The first Saturday Spring day of 2018 brought temperatures ranging between 70 and 80 at my location way north of being deep in the heart of Texas.

Meanwhile I have had multiple reports from my old Washington home zone of people waking up this morning to look out their windows to see snow had rendered the landscape white.

With a clear blue sky and semi-balmy temperatures, and no chance of snow, I joined the throngs on the Wichita Falls Circle Trail today, rolling my wheels to Lake Wichita, across the dam, and then around Mount Wichita, which you see hovering above on the west side of the lake.

Today I found myself dodging multiple roller bladers and skateboarders. I do not recollect such previously happening on the Circle Trail. I had sort of figured those two means of fun conveyance had somehow never arrived at this location on the planet.

I have been getting reports Elsie Hotpepper is about to arrive in town. Tonight the Hotpepper is expected to be doing some of her patented saloon hopping, starting with the Iron Horse Saloon in downtown Wichita Falls. If I am understanding correctly libation fortification is needed by Elsie Hotpepper and her entourage prior to seeing some Hicks.

Are the Hicks Hotpepper relatives? I have no idea.

I have tentatively agreed to meet Elsie Hotpepper Sunday morning at a specific bench location located on one of the Wichita Falls urban lakes. Specific conditions have been agreed to for this meeting, including a zero tolerance of selfie photos...

Friday, March 23, 2018

Challenging Qualifications Of Granger Gang Boondogglers

Recently we blogged about Congresswoman Kay Granger's eldest son, J.D., being the worst project manager in history.

Regarding that blogging former Fort Worth City Councilman, Clyde Picht made the following comment about Kay's son...

Landslide has left a new comment on your post "J.D. Granger: Worst Project Manager In The History Of Ever...":

Shortly after the tier 4 law school graduate and assistant district attorney, JD Granger, was hired to mastermind the TRV Central City Project, Rich Conner wrote an editorial in the FW Business Press. Conner challenged the qualifications of Granger and wondering what TRWD's Jim Oliver apparently knew that no one else knew. Well yes, we all knew that JD was connected via mum to the federal treasury. Now we know more about Mr Creativity. He helped create a now defunct water board park, drive-in movie (status unknown), ice rink, and a Tim Love restaurant on the Trinity where JD probably gets a free feed bag.

After I decided to turn Clyde Picht's comment into another blogging I Googled for a Clyde Picht image for illustrative purposes.


Multiple image instances of Clyde Picht showing up on this very blog you are reading right now showed up, including the two images you see here, above and below.

America's Biggest Boondoggle has been boondoggling along for so long one forgets how many times and in how many ways the Boondoggle has been the subject of derision and discussion.

And still J.D. Granger keeps his job, after year after year after year of incompetent boondoggling, getting a big annual raise, along with multiple perks, currently with his annual salary almost $200,000.


I'm not sure, but I think the Clyde Picht when it squeals like a pig it's pork blurb you see above was the illustrative image in Fort Worth's Clyde Picht On America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Is there any chance Fort Worth's voters will do the right thing and boot Kay Granger from Congress? I suspect not. Fort Worth really does not have much experience with doing the right thing...

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Biking To See The Elsie Hotpepper Homewood Hotel Saturday Penthouse Location

That is my bike you are looking here, looking at what my bike was looking at about an hour ago.

Location? The Sikes Lake Trail.

What are we looking at? The Hilton Homewood Suites building.

Why are we looking at this?


Earlier today a semi-reliable source informed us that on Saturday the Elsie Hotpepper entourage is expected to be taking up residence in the penthouse of the Homewood Suites, with a view overlooking beautiful Sikes Lake. I do not know if the Homewood Suites penthouse is high enough to afford a view north of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Wichita Falls.

I also do not know why, of the dozens of hotel locations in Wichita Falls, Elsie Hotpepper chose to stay in the one closest to my abode. I do not know how Elsie Hotpepper could possibly know the location of my abode, since that information is classified on a need to know basis.

I am looking forward to trying to see Elsie Hotpepper on Saturday, if I make it back from Oklahoma in time....

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

No Mount Wichita Bike Ride Prior To Wichita Mountain Excursion

Finally, day two of this latest iteration of Spring brings a day warm enough to allow a comfortable bike ride attired minimally.

A lot of people were out and about today, biking, walking, jogging, blading and sitting on the Circle Trail, fishing on Lake Wichita, climbing Mount Wichita and dog chasing in the Lake Wichita Park dog park.

Looking at this picture you are probably thinking I am about to ride the bike to the summit of Mount Wichita.

Doing such a thing looks doable, but in reality, I don't think doing such is doable, unless one is some sort of stunt bike rider.

Saturday I am currently scheduled to go up to Oklahoma, to Medicine Lake and the Wichita Mountains, where mountain hiking, and, I think, mountain biking takes place.

But, earlier today I learned from Elsie Hotpepper that she expects to see me on Saturday. I do not know how I am going to resolve such a scheduling conflict. Elsie Hotpepper did not inform me as to what time she is expecting to make a Wichita Falls appearance. Perhaps this will occur after I am back south of the Red River.

On another perplexing note. This morning I got a confusing Facebook message that appeared to not be directly directed to me, with one person telling another person that this Facebook message to me should be enough of a contact to facilitate engaging in brainstorming to take down Kay.

Take down Kay?

Are we talking about the notorious Fort Worth congresswoman? I think it would certainly be to Fort Worth's benefit to replace Kay Granger with someone more attuned to listening and effectively doing, but I have no clue how to go about doing such a thing.

Facts, logic and common sense do not hold much sway where things are done the Fort Worth Way.

That sounds like a campaign slogan....

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First Day Of Spring Chilly Biking Over Wichita Falls Urban Lake Via Sikes Signature Bridge

The previous couple days cold temperatures and strong winds, sometimes both at the same time, have made rolling my bike wheels to be not a fun thing to want to be doing.

And so I haven't. Til today.

It seems warmer days keep being predicted, but when those predicted warm days arrive a chill from the north holds the heat back.

Currently the temperature at my location is predicted to reach into the realm of 90 degrees on Friday. I expect by the arrival of that day reality won't have me turning on the A/C for the first time this year.

Today, even though the temperature was only somewhere in the 50s, and a wind was blowing from the north, I managed to have myself a mighty fine bike ride, rolling my wheels north on the Circle Trail to Hamilton Park, then southwest to MSU, then to Sikes Lake, which is where you see my bike parked above.

Parked on one of the signature bridges which cross Sikes Lake, which is one of Wichita Falls urban lakes.

I learned via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the other propagandists for America's Biggest Boondoggle, that it's the thing to do to call a perfectly simple bridge a "signature" bridge. And any lake in your city limits an "urban" lake. So as not to confuse simpletons who might think a lake in your town was a "rural" lake.

In the picture above of my bike parked on that simple "signature" bridge, you can see my cell phone in its handy new holder. So convenient whilst one is rolling along and the phone makes its incoming call noise. I can easily see who I don't want to talk to. And the time. Convenient.

Today is the first day of Spring. This would seem to mean that reliable warm weather will soon arrive and this needing layers of outerwear to keep warm whilst outdoors will come to an end for a few months.

I hope...

Monday, March 19, 2018

Windy Look At The New Lake Wichita Spillway Mural

A long bike ride around Lake Wichita was planned for today in the noon time frame.

Yesterday's long bike ride in the noon time frame was cancelled due to rain.

Today's long bike ride in the noon time frame was not cancelled due to rain.

Today's long bike ride in the noon time frame was cancelled due to dangerously strong wind gusts blustering in from the northwest.

So, rather than bike to Lake Wichita I rolled my motorized transport to Lake Wichita, to the dam location on the lake. I'd been wanting to be at this location ever since I read that the painting of the dam spillway mural had been underway.

That is the aforementioned dam spillway mural you see below. Above you are turned around, looking the other direction from the dam spillway view, looking north at the Circle Trail on top of Lake Wichita Dam. In the distance you can see Mount Wichita sticking up like a little bump on the horizon.

I don't know if this is the finished product, or not. What I do know is these murals appearing all over Wichita Falls are a good thing, and this dam spillway mural is my favorite I've seen so far.

There is one perplexing visual element in the new mural. Can you spot it?

Maybe the above view of Lake Wichita, from the Lake Wichita floating dock perspective might clue you as to the perplexing visual element in the mural.

Give up?

Well, notice Mount Wichita in the above photo?

The one and only mountain to be seen, anywhere on the horizon.

But, the dam spillway mural shows what looks to be a range of mountains in the background. Maybe the mural artist was anticipating the range of mountains which may join Mount Wichita when, or if, Lake Wichita ever gets dredged as part of the Lake Wichita Revitalization Project.

Above we are looking the opposite direction from the looking at Mount Wichita view. Here we are looking south at the remains of the Lake Wichita Pavilion. There are plans afoot to possibly build some sort of new pavilion, as part of the Lake Wichita Revitalization Project, that being a project which seems to be in need of some revitalizing itself.

Below is a windy video I took whilst rocking and rolling on the above deck. Most of my pithy commentary is drowned out by the wind, but the video gives you a good panoramic view of Lake Wichita...

J.D. Granger: Worst Project Manager In The History Of Ever

J.D Granger's Liquid Brain Candy
Fort Worth's J.D. Granger problem has grown tiresome.

And perplexing.

How has something so absurd gone on so long with no intervention from any overseeing entity of some sort?

The Justice Department? The FBI?


A recent blogging, well, from a few days ago, about yet one more instance of J.D. Granger exposing himself as a clueless moron who should not be in charge of anything requiring any level of cognitive competence, generated the following interesting comment from a frequent comment maker....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Real Work Begins To Sink Panther Island & J.D. Granger...": 

A local eatery used to serve mother and son on a regular basis until one Sunday, the owner dared to express his opinion on the facts that the project was never put to a vote, and the abuse of the eminent domain process to acquire the land for the project. There was no constructive exchange of ideas or brain candy. The Granger team simply never returned. They seem to prefer the company of the less well informed and those who also have their snout in the trough. 

If you have not yet read the Fort Worth Magazine interview with J.D. Granger in which he talks about how he ingests brain candy, as in ideas and input, from all the little people he talks to in bars, restaurants and whilst floating incognito on the Trinity River, you really need to read what Kay Granger's boy had to say about what he has so proudly done to Fort Worth via being the inept unqualified executive director project manager of what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle.

An interesting comment appeared on the Facebook post about working to sink Panther Island & J.D. Granger...

 "JD is literally, LITERALLY, the worst project manager in the history of ever".

There is no Wikipedia article about J.D. Granger. But there is a Wikipedia article about J.D.'s mother, Kay. That article does include a paragraph in which her son is referred to...

During her tenure, Granger has supported more than $50 million in earmarks to infrastructure projects in Fort Worth that benefited the Trinity River Vision Authority, an organization headed by her son.

Last month the Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorially opined it was time for straight talk about that which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle. That request for straight talk resulted in a few blog posts on the subject, starting with Panther Island Straight Talk Per Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Request.

Now for some more straight talk. This time specifically about the problem with the worst project manager ever, J.D. Granger.

The Tarrant Regional Water District is the public agency overseeing what is known as the Trinity River Vision Authority. Years ago the general manager of the TRWD, Jim Oliver, announced that an assistant Tarrant County district attorney, J.D. Granger, had been hired as the executive director of the Trinity River Vision Authority.

At the time, Jim Oliver said J.D. Granger was hired because "it was the right thing to do."

There is no record of anyone, such as a local newspaper, asking Jim Oliver why he thought hiring J.D. Granger for this job, for which he had zero qualifications or experience, was the right thing to do.

What with the TRWD being a public agency why were normal hiring processes not followed, processes where qualified candidates apply for a job for which they have been trained and in which they have had experience?

So, why was hiring someone like J.D. Granger the right thing to do?

People who have paid attention to this scandal know J.D. Granger was hired so as to motivate his mother, Congresswoman Kay Granger, to secure federal pork barrel earmark dollars to help pay for this public works project for which the public has never been allowed to vote.

Those federal dollars have slowly trickled into Fort Worth, hence the slow motion progress of what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Why do the people of Fort Worth, and the town's only newspaper of record, turn a blind eye to outrageously corrupt nepotism, particularly when the beneficiary of that nepotism is so obviously not able to do the job for which he was hired, and for which he is so generously compensated, to the tune of almost $200,000 a year, plus an expense account and other perks?

Some of which is paid for with those taxpayer dollars you in more prosperous parts of America send to the federal government, which J.D.'s mother, Kay, then finagles to get sent back to Fort Worth.

Corruption such as this does not happen in more modern democratic towns in America. Can you imagine an entity like the Granger Gang operating in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Austin, or any of the other towns in America where something like the Trinity River Vision would not be allowed to happen, abusing eminent domain to steal property, spending taxpayer dollars on a project the taxpayers have not voted for.

In a modern American town any sort of public works project goes through a long process, and often multiple votes before the project proceeds. If a public works project in any non-corrupt town in America hired a local politician's inexperienced, unqualified son to manage the project, there would be an outcry of protest, demands that that politician's son be fired and that politician be replaced.

But, that is not the Fort Worth Way.

And, until that is no longer the Fort Worth Way Fort Worth will continue to be a backwards backwater, no matter how much lipstick local propagandists smear on the town...