Monday, November 6, 2017

Wichita Falls Late Sunday Biking To Sikes Lake Bridge Of Sighs

One day in I found myself liking this year's reversion to normal time, with the sun setting earlier than it set the day previous to the normal time reversion.

Sunday, with the sun soon in setting mode, I took off on my second bike ride of the day. With the temperature tickling close to 90, doing such was just too tempting.

My evening wheel rolling destination was Sikes Lake. The paved trail around Sikes Lake is 1.1 miles long. I roll around the lake multiple times. It is about a mile of wheel rolling to get to the Sikes Lake paved trail.

Last night on the third or fourth time passing over the Sikes Lake Bridge of Sighs the setting sun made the view particularly sigh worthy.

So, I stopped mid Bridge of Sighs to do some photo documenting. But, I had not brought along my camera, I only had the phone camera. I took multiple phone photos in multiple scene settings, as in 'sunset', 'autumn color', 'fireworks', 'candlelight', 'dawn' and others I am not remembering right now.

I think the version we see above was in 'autumn color' scene mode.

Last night I was not too surprised to see no gondolas passing under the Sikes Lake Bridge of Sighs.

Wichita Falls does not much try to be any sort of inland Venice.

I do not know why there are never any watercraft on Sikes Lake, such as kayaks and canoes. Or gondolas. There are signs forbidding swimming in the lake, and informing potential floaters kayaking is allowed only with permission from MSU. As in Midwestern State University, which is where Sikes Lake is located, on the MSU campus.

Apparently no one ever asks for permission to float a watercraft on Sikes Lake, or permission is never granted when someone asks to do some boat floating.

Or maybe I just have never been at Sikes Lake on an occasion when someone has been allowed to float on the lake...

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