Monday, November 27, 2017

Rustler's Rooste Rattlesnake For David & Theo After Tin Slide Ride To Cotton Candy

Yesterday I blogged about an Arizona Desert Horse Ride With David, Theo, Ruby & Texas Longhorn.

In that blogging I later figured out I was erroneous in suggesting a Texas Longhorn seen in the first photo in that post was located at the location where David, Theo and Ruby took three horses for a ride.

In that blogging I mentioned that it appeared Theo had to change shirts to a cooler t-shirt from the long sleeve shirt he first appeared in.

I should have noticed that the first photo showed yet one more Theo shirt, and that that shirt matched the shirt Theo was wearing when he went with his brother, sister, grandma and parental units to the Robber's Rooste in Tempe.

As you can see, above, in that group photo with grandma, at Rustler's Rooster, Theo does not appear to be too happy, using the same "smiling" technique his favorite uncle always uses when subjected to being photographed.

But then Theo noticeably cheers up when he gets a big ball of the Rustler's Rooste cotton candy.

Rustler's Rooste was mentioned to me the last time I was in Arizona. I think maybe we were driving by its location when we were in the South Mountain zone. I remember the slide to the dining room being mentioned, and the cotton candy.

A blurb from the Rustler's Rooste website...

Rustler's Rooste has it all.  Our critter out front, an enormous long horn steer named Horney greets you upon arrival.  Open the door and enter part of an old mine shaft to the top floor to our Mountaintop Saloon. Saunter over the indoor waterfall and take our Famous “Tin” Slide into the dining room. (for the faint of heart, there’s a staircase).   Enjoy the live country western band and our strolling cardshark/magician.  The building is bordered on the north side by plate glass windows so there is a view form every seat in the house.

In the text accompanying these photos I was told the ever adventurous, in all things culinary, David, ordered the Rattlesnake Combo. David, as is the case with most people, upon his first rattlesnake bite said it tasted like chicken. Theo wanted to sample a bite, and simply said "tastes like meat."

In that aforementioned text upon first read I thought I understood the text to be telling me that my mom wanted to take the tin slide to the dining room. So when I first saw the picture below I thought, oh my, I can not believe my semi-elderly mother did this.

And then upon second reading I realized the text was telling me mom was up to being adventurous and going to the Rustler's Rooste, even with the tricky entry via a wood plank walkway entering a mine shaft. And that a Rustler's Rooste cowboy helped mom get from the Mountaintop Saloon to the dining room.

So, instead of my mom I think that is mama Kristin on the slide, with Ruby and Theo at the top ready to follow.

Above I believe we are at the Rustler's Rooste Mountain Saloon, prior to riding down the tin slide to where the cotton candy is located, which is explains why Theo is still looking a little grumpy, still emulating his favorite uncle.

Rustler's Rooste looks fun. What I saw on the Rustler's Rooste website reminded me of the long gone Baby Doe's in Dallas. I remember seeing Baby Doe's the first time I drove to Dallas, just slightly west of downtown, built atop a cliff, with a big Coor's billboard with a waterfall.

It was not long before I made my one and only visit to Baby Doe's. The place was made to be like one was in a mining operation, just like Rustler's Rooste. I recollect enjoying the saloon, watching the sun set and the light show fire up from the dome atop the Reunion Tower.

The parking situation at Baby Doe's was terrible. You had to hand your keys over to a valet who disappeared with your vehicle. I never like when that happens. I recollect it was difficult to find ones way to the entry to Baby Doe's, which was another drawback. Too bad. Dallas lost something cool when Baby Doe's left town...

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