Thursday, November 30, 2017

Grangers, Grifters & Inept Irresponsible Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Earlier in this next to last month of 2017 I blogged about yet one more instance of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram publishing an article rife with erroneous "information".

This erroneous "information" malady has been something I have been annoyed about regarding this newspaper since soon after I was first exposed to it, late in the previous century.

Someone named Anonymous also found this recent example of Star-Telegram journalistic irresponsibility to be comment worthy, hence an amusing comment from Anonymous...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Trinity Trails "Could" Stretch To An Imaginary 219 Miles":

"From zero to 72 miles in about 15 years"

I ran on the Trinity Trails beginning in the late 1970's.

Just to sure, I checked Historical Aerials and saw the trails and the footbridge across the Trinity River from the Radio Shack parking lot. The date is 1979. The bridge is still there and being used. 

There were parcourse or fitness trail stops across the river from the Radio Shack parking lot which included pull up bars, parallel bars and slant boards. I saw those being installed.

The Star-Telegram will repeat just about anything the grifters or the Grangers tell them. 

Grifters & Grangers. Sounds like a country music duo.

Why is there no one, with the ability to do so, holding the Star-Telegram accountable for all the nonsense that newspaper spews?

From the non-consequential, like the nonsense in the article being referenced here, to the consequential, such as misleading propaganda about issues like the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, or the idiotic nonsense about Fort Worth's Cabela's sporting goods store becoming the top tourist attraction in Texas, or the Santa Fe Rail Market being the first public market in Fort Worth, whilst being modeled after public markets in Europe and Seattle's Pike Place Market, when all it was was a soon to fail small poorly conceived mall type food court type venue, with a little fish market.

Or for decades referring to a multi-block area of downtown Fort Worth as Sundance Square, where there was no square, until a couple years ago when a little square was built on a parking lot and then bizarrely named Sundance Square Plaza, whilst still referring to a multi-block, nondescript area of downtown Fort Worth as Sundance Square.


A real newspaper in a town wearing its big city pants would tell what ever entity it is which persists with the Sundance Square nonsense to knock it off. That it is embarrassing. And confusing to the town's few tourists...

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