Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Arizona Golfing With David, Theo, Ruby & Grandma

This is the last in the series of photos documenting David, Theo and Ruby's Thanksgiving Week in Arizona.

These photos arrived with zero explanatory text. Likely assuming such was not needed due to the obvious golfing going on in the photos.

But, where did this golfing take place? At grandma's location in Sun Lakes? Judging by the scenery, it would appear so.

Then again, scenery in Arizona tends to looks alike.

The first photo is one of two non-golf photos, except, well, the vehicle in this first photo appears to be a golf cart. Or is that a police car?

We see PATROL clearly printed on two locations on this "golf" cart.

Were David, Theo and Ruby up to some accidental shenanigans again, like last summer up north in Birch Bay when authorities caught the trio using quarters to buy gambling pull tabs, with the twin's and David's excuse being they thought they were buying tattoos. That defense quickly crumbled. Who buys tattoos out of a vending machine for a quarter?

And now the golfing photos....

That would be David preparing to swing a club, with Theo looking on under his large sunblocking hat.

And now Theo takes a swing. I forgot to mention, one of the more surprising things David and Theo did whilst I was up in Washington last summer, was avidly watch golf on TV with their Uncle Jake. I told the kids there was some painting going on in the lobby, we could go watch that dry, but even with that alternative they thought watching the golfing on TV was more entertaining.

Now, Ruby does not join her brothers watching golf on TV. So, Mama Michele had to act as Ruby's golf instructor.

Note the red golf ball cleaning device to the left, behind the club swinging Ruby.

I'm guessing using the ball cleaner turned out to be almost as fun as the golfing, with each anxiously waiting their turn to clean a golf ball.

And the requisite all lined up non-spontaneous group photo, with David, Theo and Ruby looking happy after their round of golf, and thinking now it was time to take grandma to McDonald's for her daily caramel frappe and vanilla ice cream cone.

Well, I don't know who was doing the driving to McDonald's. I suspect it was not David, Theo or Ruby. But, it appears grandma got her vanilla ice cream cone. The caramel frappe is likely installed in the cup holder...

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