Sunday, November 26, 2017

Arizona Desert Horse Ride With David, Theo, Ruby & Texas Longhorn

A week or so ago a postcard from Tacoma arrived in my mailbox.

That postcard caused me to blog From Tacoma Postcard I Learn David, Theo & Ruby Will Never Come To Fort Worth.

In that blogging I mentioned my initial confusion regarding the message on the postcard, which I momentarily thought had David, Theo and Ruby asking me to come explore Fort Worth with them.

I recollect instantly thinking what fresh hell is this?

Then I realized my mistake, that it was Fort Worden in Washington that was in need of exploration, not Fort Worth in Texas.

When I shared my confusion with my sister she said she can't see bringing the kids to Fort Worth to explore any time soon. Then she added, well, okay, never.

To which I replied that the kids would enjoy the Fort Worth Stockyards, but then I drew a blank as to anything else they might enjoy in Fort Worth, and admitted, well, after the Stockyards, there pretty much is nothing that is not bigger and better in multiple other locations David, Theo and Ruby have already been to.

So, regarding that visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards, within a week that no longer is something of the sort the kids have not seen, hence, now there is absolutely nothing they would find fun to explore in Fort Worth.

In the photo at the top you see nephews David and Theo, and niece Ruby, with a Texas longhorn behind them. The kids are at an Arizona horse ranch, getting ready to do some riding.

When the kids picked me up at Sea-Tac last summer, David and Theo insisted on carrying my bags for me. Those bags were heavy.

Here we see Theo carrying his saddle to put on his horse.

I am guessing this was a HOT day in Arizona, because in the following photos we see Theo has lost the long sleeve shirt.

Prepare for a dose of cowboy, and cowgirl, cuteness in the following photos....

Ruby on her Palomino, ready to ride. Ruby looks like a seasoned cowgirl, comfortable in the saddle. I don't actually know if this horse is a Palomino, but it is blonde, so I figured, why not?

David also looks to be totally comfortable onboard a horse. David has a tendency to be like his uncle, and find ways to be particular when he finds himself in unfamiliar territory, but being on a horse does not appear to have triggered that impulse in David.

And here we see Theo steering his horse right at us. After a little practice inside the corral it was time for David, Theo and Ruby's Indian Guide to lead them out into the Arizona desert.

I'm impressed at how quickly the kids seem to have become seasoned horse riders. Their uncle's one and only horse riding attempt, in Texas, did not go so well. Suffice to say that incident led me to accuse someone of trying to kill me. Too painful a memory, even after many years, to go into any detail.

Further into the desert the cowboys and cowgirl ride. Those are mountains in the distance, for those in Texas who are not familiar with that type geologic formation.

 I do not know if there was much of a rattlesnake danger whilst the kids were riding in the desert. I do know that later David and Theo were in a restaurant called Robber's Rooste where the boys ordered the rattlesnake combo plate. I may share those photos in a following blogging.

At trail's end all but Ruby seem to be striking a classic cowboy pose.

I talked to David and Theo on Thanksgiving. Neither mentioned their cowboy experience. Theo did ask if I was going to be a Thanksgiving dinner. I told Theo I did not think I could make it in time...

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