Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bizarre DFW NBC TRV Bridge Boondoggle Propaganda

Yesterday I blogged about Visiting Fort Worth's Infamous Graveyard Of Broken Promises.

In that blogging about Fort Worth's ghost town of abandoned bridge piers I mentioned being puzzled as to why no D/FW media entity seems interested in finding out why the construction of these simple little bridges, the construction of  which began with a TNT bang way back in 2014, has stalled.

Ironically, soon after mentioning the lack of media interest in Fort Worth's embarrassing bridge boondoggle, Captain Andy, Elsie Hotpepper and others pointed to a new piece of absurdly embarrassing D/FW media propaganda regarding Fort Worth's ridiculous bridge fiasco.

This time the perpetrating propaganda purveyor is DFW's NBC affiliate in a "news" story titled Plan from Two Cities on the Same River : Fort Worth construction underway on Panther Island Trinity project.

Click the link to read the article and watch the "LIVE" from Fort Worth clip from DFW NBC local TV news, which seems to channel the spirit of Ted Baxter, in both male and female Baxter versions.

The local NBC TV "news" story leads one to think Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision is well underway, unlike the Dallas version of the vision. Even though Dallas has actually completed two actual signature bridges, actually built over water, known as the Trinity River. DFW NBC TV's report also gives the impression that Fort Worth's river vision only recently came to be, when the sad reality is this myopic vision has been limping along since the beginning of the century.

Some choice bit of ironic idiocy from  the print version of the DFW NBC TV article about Fort Worth's Bridge Boondoggle, including, as always in such articles, choice bits of utter nonsense from Congresswoman Kay Granger's boy, J.D....

The Fort Worth redevelopment area along the river will become what is now called Panther Island with construction of a new flood control bypass canal across a bend in the river north of downtown.

The redevelopment area will become what is now called Panther Island? After a flood control bypass is constructed across a bend in the river? That paragraph is what is known as meaningless gibberish. More accurately stated the redevelopment area will be known as Panther Island if the ditch ever gets dug to separate that chunk of land from the Fort Worth mainland, creating an imaginary island.

Bridges that would cross that future canal are under construction, even before digging of the canal that is slated to begin next year.

The bridges are under construction? Did the DFW NBC reporter not notice the weeds growing amongst the long stalled bridges? And the rusted rebar? That imaginary construction began with a bang way back in 2014. It is now past halfway through 2017. It took about that much time to build the Golden Gate Bridge. Over water. Digging  the canal is slated to begin next year? Really? And where did this erroneous information come  from?

J.D. Granger, executive director of the Fort Worth Trinity River Vision Authority, said the redevelopment area on the new island doubles the size of the Fort Worth Central Business District.

Yes, Granger has repeated this pretty much every time he is "interviewed" for one of the local media's propaganda pieces. Doubles the size of the Fort Worth Central Business District? Anyone know the whereabouts and  measurements of the Business District to which Granger refers? New island? As opposed to the old island? And by what rational stretch of the imagination is this going to be an island, even if that ditch is ever dug and water diverted into the ditch?

“This is very much going to have a functional purpose for flood control, and on top of that a wonderful backdrop for development — a beautiful promenade all along the water’s edge, and immediately adjacent to that you’ll be able to dine and have great residential looking over the water every day,” Granger said.

Great residential looking over the water every day? What does that mean? A functional purpose for flood control? Where no flood has occurred for well over half a century due to levees built and paid for way back  in the 1950s.

A 300-unit apartment is due to break ground in December near what is planned to be an urban lake on the Trinity.

The apartment about to break ground chestnut is always part of these propaganda pieces. Has the builder applied for building  permits yet? Does anyone know precisely the location of the shore of this urban lake which has changed size multiple times throughout the decade? Why does J.D. always use the "urban" modifer to describe this possible lake? Aren't all the lakes in a city urban lakes? And what is meant by "urban lake on the Trinity'? The Trinity is a river. How do you have a lake on a river? You can dam a river, creating a reservoir, which is often referred to as a lake. Isn't this particular proposed "urban lake" simply a section of the Trinity River which may be widened to create an imaginary lake?

“It solves the majority of our flood issues in our community, which is a huge issue for us given our population growth,” Granger said.

Now, the above is the most  embarrassingly stupid doozy to be uttered by J.D. Granger during the entire multi year period in which he has been uttering insipidly idiotic utterances.  This solves the majority of the flood issues in our community? As has already been mentioned, this area has not flooded for over half a century. However other areas of Fort Worth, and Tarrant County, such as Haltom City, have serious, unaddressed flooding issues. Deadly flooding issues.

“To be in a Texas city in a waterfront community in a landlocked area is a very, very unique opportunity,” Granger said. “So we’re working very hard to capitalize on it, because that’s something very special.”

Waterfront community? In a landlocked area is a unique opportunity? The water in this currently imaginary waterfront community comes from the Trinity River. The polluted Trinity River, where frequently the pollution reaches levels deemed unsafe for humans.

As for "very, very". Has no one mentioned to J.D. Granger the famous quote from Mark Twain regarding what apparently is one of J.D.'s very favorite words?

"Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very'; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be."...


Anonymous said...

Ken Kalthoff gets this weeks Golden Pom Poms award! Is NBC5 just waiting for recycled press releases from the TRV? Geez newsguys, do your freakin' homework. This report is as clueless as the "woman on the street" interview that was in this puff piece. Hey!!! Fake News! Congrats NBC5! You are trending!

Anonymous said...

Another year (at least). They must indeed have a unique bridge building technique:

Anonymous said...

The "ditch" sounds like a mote for the imaginary kingdom and castle