Saturday, July 22, 2017

Is Spencer Jack Touring An Upside Down Wisconsin White House?

The two photos you see here arrived this HOT Saturday morning in Texas via my phone, sent by Spencer Jack and his dad, also known as my favorite nephew Jason.

Upon first perusal I wondered if this was at Legoland in California.

Currently my favorite nephews David and Theo, and my one and only favorite niece, Ruby, are in San Diego, with a visit to Carlsbad and Legoland on the itinerary.

But, why would Legoland build an upside down version of the White House, along with a White House Presidential Limo? Made no sense.

And so I Googled "Upside Down White House" which lead me to think I may have found the answer to this Upside Down White House mystery.

In the state of Wisconsin, in the scenic area of that state known as the Wisconsin Dells, there is a roadside attraction known as Top Secret - Upside-Down White House.

I learned of this from various sources, including the Roadside America website's webpage about the Top Secret - Upside-Down White House.

Apparently tourists can purchase an Upside-Dow White House admission ticket and go on a tour of the inside of the White House, where everything is upside down, including the Oval Office.

Why one would want to do this or why anyone would think this to be a good idea for a roadside attraction is a mystery to me.  But apparently more than one location in America thinks an Upside Down White House is a good idea, because there are also Upside Down White Houses in Orlando, Florida and Sevierville, Tennessee. But the non-Wisconsin Dells Upside Down White Houses are half the size and the interiors are not upside down, or White House interior replicas.

Inside the Wisconsin Dells Upside Down White House, in the Press Room, an upside down animatronic President lectures about rule by robots.

I was unable to determine if the animatronic President in the Wisconsin Dells Upside Down White House is modeled after our current President who lives in the currently upside down real White House in Washington, D.C.

If I hear any further details from Spencer Jack about his visit to the Upside Down White House I will let you know...

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