Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ignoring Trail Closed Sign Finds Nothing Happening In Dry Wichita Falls Construction Zone

I needed to do some book checking this morning. Doing so entails venturing to downtown Wichita Falls to the town's library.

I do not know if such has become the norm in libraries across the planet, but the Wichita Falls public library is the first where I have experienced automatic robotic type devices facilitating both returning and checking out books.

Extremely efficient. Freeing up librarians to do more elevated librarian tasks than checking out books.

After returning some books and checking out some new ones I ventured west to Lucy Park, with the goal for the day to roll my bike's wheels to Wichita Falls to see if I could see what is holding up the remodeling of the falls' bridge and trail upgrade, a remodeling which has rendered Wichita Falls a dry falls for months.

I am fairly certain I recollect reading that this Wichita Falls remodeling renovation would only take about a month.

As I got my bike on the Circle Trails and aimed towards Wichita Falls I was not rolling long before I came to a trail blockage with a sign saying "TRAIL CLOSED".  I could see by the path worn around the blockage that others before me had scofflawed past the Trail Closed sign.

When I got to the currently dry falls I saw that which you see above and below. As in, nothing going on. Nobody to  be seen working  on this project. There were multiple indications that working on this project has been dormant for some time. Indications such as undisturbed mud. And no construction equipment in evidence.

What you are looking at above is the new bridge which replaced the bridge which had been deemed not worthy of approval by the criteria of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Past the bridge the old version of the Circle Trail has been removed, exposing dirt awaiting the installation of the new pavement of a wider trail.

No clue as to what has stalled this project, leaving Wichita Falls dry at that time of year when a lot of tourists pass through town, wondering where the falls in Wichita Falls is located...

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