Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lemon Tree Not So Sweet Day 8 Out Of Texas

Found a super sweet orange hanging solo on tree in mom and dad's backyard. Mom and I had it for breakfast.

Later took the picture you see here in mom and dad's front yard. I think it's a lemon tree. Surrounded by cactus.

With a flag trying to blow in the wind.

This morning mom asked me to raise the flag because she saw it was Flag Day. Mom knew this via a calendar she isn't supposed to be reading due to being sorta blind.

Driving to dad we saw a lot of flags, so once again mom is right.

In a couple hours dad gets a new hearing aid. One of my favorite sisters should be showing up for that.

We are heading to possibly record breaking temps in a few days.

120 degrees.

I suspect mom will finally agree to turn on the air conditioning...

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