Thursday, May 4, 2017

Woodard Posts Truth About TRWD President's Dallas Cover Up

Way back last month, on April 22, I blogged a blogging titled More Local Control Over Fort Worth Star-Telegram Hit Pieces in which I referenced a guest editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram supposedly written by retiring TRWD Board President, Vic Henderson.

This Star-Telegram guest editorial was a hit piece of wanton propaganda attacking TRWD Board Member, Mary Kelleher.

As soon as I read the aforementioned hit piece I messaged someone who would know the answer to ask if someone was going to write a fact based counter-editorial to counterpoint Vic Henderson's shameful hit piece.

I was told that a counter-hit piece had been written and submitted to the Star-Telegram, with publication expected last Sunday. However, publication of the counter-hit piece did not happen. The Star-Telegram claimed the counter-hit piece could not be published because it had been written by Blake Woodard who happens to serve as the campaign treasurer for Mary Kelleher's re-election campaign.

Apparently, when it suits their biased interests, the Star-Telegram can pretend to have high minded journalistic ethics.

Somehow publishing a hit piece full of lies and innuendo, written by retiring TRWD Board President, Vic Henderson, is okey-dokey okay in the Star-Telegram's murky ethics world, but publishing an editorial counter-opinion  is not okey-dokey okay, when written by the campaign treasurer of a TRWD Board Incumbent.

Well, the Fort Worth Business Press has a different set of journalistic ethics than the Star-Telegram and yesterday published a lengthy opinion piece by Blake Woodard which spoke the truth to Vic Henderson's slander and lies.

Go to Water Board election: Blake Woodard's letter to voters to read Blake Woodard's "letter" in its entirety.

Following are a few choice paragraphs from the "letter"....

So if the other four TRWD directors are the ones helping Dallas tap into our lakes, why are Henderson and Moncrief telling us that re-electing Mary Kelleher will jeopardize control of Fort Worth’s water? Of course it’s a nonsensical statement, as Mary is but one of five directors. The other four still can win every vote 4-1. When the expensive mailers hit your mailbox, let logic guide your reading.

I think Henderson and Moncrief are telling you that Mary is a threat to Fort Worth water, because they can’t stand having an outsider in their exclusive club. Mary Kelleher is your candidate. She is our only sunlight on a shadowy government body with a long history of backroom, good-ol’ boy behavior. Let me be clear that I am not speaking of the dedicated TRWD employees who operate the lakes and pipelines and take care of the district’s daily business.

You may be familiar with some of the legendary TRWD management shenanigans, which are beyond the scope of this letter. The local media cannot keep an eye on these guys constantly. Mary Kelleher’s eyes are your eyes. Mary is you.

If we fail to re-elect Mary, we have lost our seat at the table of a Board whose other four directors all are recruited by the same people, funded by the same people, and influenced by the same people. The only way we can retain one seat at the table is if we vote in droves this TRWD election. The special interests will vote. Will you?

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