Friday, May 5, 2017

TRWD Slandering Corruption Enablers Ordered To Cease & Desist Defamatory Deceptions

In Fort Worth and parts of Tarrant County tomorrow is TRWD Board Election Day.

The previous TRWD Board Election Day resulted in a scandal which is still being played out. In that election Marty Leonard and Jim Lane were the beneficiaries of thousands of bogus absentee ballots enabling the stealing of the election from the actual winners, Craig Bickley and Miki Von Luckner.

That scandal has not caused the apparently shameless Marty Leonard and Jim Lane to resign in shame from the TRWD Board.

Using bogus absentee ballots is not available to the TRWD racketeers this election, due to that aforementioned scandal and it resulting in the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history.

So, for this election the TRWD racketeers racked up huge sums of money, with much of the money coming from Dallas donors, then using that money to finance mailing multiple slanderous mailers attacking Mary Kelleher and Andra Beatty with lies and innuendo.

The TRWD's chosen trio has sent out multiple attack mailers spewing the lie that Mary Kelleher and Andra Beatty are bought and paid for stoolies for the evil Dallas billionaire bogeyman, Monty Bennett.

Andra Beatty fought back with the filing of a cease and desist order against former Fort Worth Mayor, Mike Moncrief's Out Water Our Future PAC, with Beatty asserting the PAC's mailer maliciously intended to defame.

Meanwhile Mary Kelleher sent out a mailer, one side of  which you see above, which lists some of the Dallas (and Colorado) donors donating to the TRWD's favored trio, James Hill, Leah King and Jack Stevens.

Mary Kelleher's campaign has received less than $10,000 from the imaginary Dallas bogeyman.

Looking at the above list of donors donating to James Hill, Leah King, Jack Stevens and their enabling PACs, can you believe the raw gall of these racketeers claiming Mary Kelleher is in cahoots with an evil Dallas businessman trying to wrest control of Fort Worth's water?

A higher than average turnout for early voting as water district race heats up article published yesterday in the Fort Worth Business Press is a must read for anyone who is confused by the slanderous mailers mailed by Hill, King, Stevens and their support PACs.

A few  paragraphs from the FWBP article...

This year’s race has been uncharacteristically peaceful as five candidates have campaigned to become the three top-vote getters in Saturday’s election. Running for the board are incumbents Mary Kelleher and Jack Stevens. Also running is banker James Hill, Realtor Andra Beatty and Leah King, chief development officer of United Way of Tarrant County. The three candidates with the largest vote totals will have seats on the board. Victor W. Henderson, president of the TRWD board who has been on the board since 1985, did not seek re-election.

But then a political action committee called Our Water, Our Future released campaign fliers supporting Stevens, King and Hill that charge their opponents, Kelleher and Beatty, of accepting campaign contributions from wealthy Dallas businessman Monty Bennett through MJB Operating L.P.

The PAC has sent out a several mailers that target Kelleher and Beatty as “puppet candidates” of Bennett.

One mailer states that Kelleher and Beatty have been helping “Bennett with his ongoing efforts to disrupt and take over control” of the local water supply.

Beatty, running as an independent candidate, responded with a legal filing of a cease and desist order against Our Water, Our Future, claiming that PAC’s mailers are false and defamatory. The order states that Beatty has “never met or spoken with Bennett.”

“Ms. Beatty’s campaign finance statements clearly indicates no donations by Mr. Bennett or any organization related to him,” the order states. “The mailer sent was maliciously intended to defame Ms. Beatty, and cause damage to her business reputation.”

The order also insists that the PAC, Stevens, King and Hill as well as political consultants Tim Reeves and Brian Epstein stop “making or publishing the false allegation that Ms. Beatty is associated with or influenced by Mr. Bennett.”

I believe I have mentioned a time or two that there really needs to be a Federal RICO Racketeering Investigation into the Corrupt Shenanigans known as The Fort Worth Way...

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