Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Midnight Thunderstorm Followed By Texas Flintstones This Morning

Last night, at some point around the midnight time frame, bright flashes of light began to disturb my peaceful slumber.

Thinking the bright flashes of light might be an un-predicted thunderstorm I removed the earplugs which I use to block any annoying noises and soon heard booms of thunder rolling in from the distance.

Ironically I do not like unwanted annoying noises, yet I find the sounds of a storm to be soothing.

Soon I was soothed by thunder booming quite close to home, along with rain pounding my windows, with hail in the mix. And then the wind arrived.

I anticipated hearing the tornado sirens, but that sound did not join the cacophony.

I do not know how long last night's storm lasted. I must have passed out during the storm, hence not knowing how long it lasted. By morning a totally blue sky had arrived and the only reminder of last night's storm was puddles of water. That and my patio furniture was still wet when I sat outside to enjoy my morning coffee libation.

About 12 hours after the arrival of last night's storm I left my abode to inspect the damage and to see if Holliday Creek had been turned into a raging torrent.

Upon Holliday Creek coming into view I quickly saw the water was not moving in raging torrent mode. Looking to the east side of the Holliday Creek Gorge I saw that which you see above.

What looked to be vehicles of the Flintstone sort motoring on the expanse of green grass which extends for what seems to be miles on the side of Holliday Creek opposite the Wichita Falls Circle Trail. The Flintstone cars motor for a short distance and then the Fred and Barneys driving the Flintstone cars stop, get out of their cars, swing a stick, and then start driving again. It seems to be a primitive stone age type behavior to my modern era eyes.

Last night's wicked storm was not predicted. However severe storms are on the prediction menu for the next several days.  More often than not the predicted storms do not seem to arrive as predicted at my current location.

I suspect that will not be the case this time, so I am prepared to batten down the hatches on a moment's, or a  tornado siren's, notice....                    

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