Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day To All My Favorite Mothers

That would be my mom you are looking at here, holding her first born baby boy, which would be me. I am pretty much 100% certain this photo was taken in Eugene, Oregon, since that is where I was born and in the photo it does not appear I am big enough to be doing much traveling.

I hope all my favorite moms will be having themselves a mighty fine Mother's Day today.

Such as my #1 Mom, currently in  Arizona, who I will be calling later today.

And, also in Arizona, my favorite sister, Jackie, mother of my favorite nephews, Christopher and Jeremy.

And all my favorite moms in Washington, such as Aunts Arlene and Alice. My favorite ex-sister-in-law, Cindy, who also happens to be Spencer Jack's grandma and the mother of my favorite nephews, Jason and Joey.

And then there is Jenny, the mother of Spencer Jack.

And my other favorite sister, Michele, along with Kristin, the mothers of my favorite nephews, David and Theo and my one and only favorite niece, Ruby.

I almost forgot the Washington mothers of Macie, Chris and Sheila.

In Texas the only mother I can think of (other than Kay Granger) is Alma, mother of Viggo. Happy Mother's Day, Alma, hope you and Viggo have yourselves a good day....

UPDATE: I am shocked and appalled that when I was thinking of Texas mothers whose mothering I have been privileged  to witness that I forgot that regular Mother of the Year candidate, Miss Martha. Sorry Martha. Happy Mother's Day!

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