Friday, May 5, 2017

Corruption Crusader Asks If You Can Believe That Mike Moncrief Quote About James Hill

A few minutes ago that which you see here arrived at my location, sent by someone calling him or herself "Corruption Crusader".

The only text in the message said...

Can you believe that quote?

The only quote quoted on that which you see here is...

"Don't let a Dallas businessman control our water. Support James and the local water team!"

 -Rosie & Mike Moncrief

The James referred to by Rosie & Mike is James Hill, he being one of the Favored Trio, along with Leah King and Jack Stevens, favored by the Oligarchy Gang which runs Fort Worth like a Medieval Fiefdom.

The Favored Trio are the three TRWD Board candidates, favored by the aforementioned Oligarchy Gang, in tomorrow's election, with the Oligarchy Gang helping the Favored Trio with thousands of dollars, many of which were donated by Dallas donors, which renders the Rosie & Mike quote ironically hypocritical.

Ironically hypocritical, what with all that money buying a massive propaganda campaign full of deceptions and lies, playing on irrational fears, much of which has targeted senior citizens.

There is no Dallas businessman trying to control Fort Worth water. There is a man who owns businesses in Fort Worth and Dallas who has helped with a relatively puny amount of money, the campaign of Mary Kelleher, the current TRWD Board Member who the Oligarchy Gang desperately wants off what they think of as "their" TRWD Board.

I have no way of knowing if this James Hill guy is a willing dupe, fully aware of the defamatory deceptions the Oligarchy Gang has been spewing regarding the imaginary Dallas bogeyman, or if this James Hill guy is just a naive, relatively young man, relatively clueless about the corruption he is now involved in.

Don't let the corrupt Oligarchy Gang win tomorrow. Vote for Mary Kelleher and Andra Beatty.

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