Sunday, May 7, 2017

Congrats Mary Kelleher For Four Years Of Being An Honest Fort Worth Public Servant

Always a class act, Mary Kelleher graciously thanks those who have supported her efforts these past four years for endeavoring to shine a bright light on shady darkness.

What you see here is a partial screen cap of Mary's message to her FB friends on Facebook.

One of those FB friends thanked Mary for making a difference in Crookedtown.

I had not heard Fort Worth referred to as Crookedtown before. The name fits.

I have read no suggestions that the results of this latest TRWD Board Election are fraudulent, which was quickly the case the previous TRWD Board Election, which saw Craig Bickley and Miki Von Luckner defeated by incumbents Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, whose vote totals broke TRWD election records, with a ridiculous number of absentee ballots.

With that ridiculous number of absentee ballots triggering the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history.

While so far there have been no allegations of election fraud with this most recent TRWD Board Election, there have been plenty of allegations that Crookedtown's favored trio of candidates, picked by the Fort Worth insiders, were helped by a HUGE amount of money, much of which was donated by Dallas donors.

And, with all that money, Crookedtown's candidates paid for an unseemly smear campaign of mailers besmirching the character of Mary Kelleher and Andra Beatty.

With Fort Worth lacking a real newspaper of record, engaging in anything remotely resembling investigative journalism, the smear tactics by Crookedtown's candidates were not reported.

Fort Worth's sad excuse for a newspaper actually participated in the Crookedtown candidate's smear tactics by publishing an editorial hit piece supposedly written by word challenged retiring TRWD president Vic Henderson, attacking Mary Kelleher, with the hit piece full of distortions, smears and lies.

The Star-Telegram, not subscribing to a doctrine of fairness, refused to publish a reply to the Vic Henderson hit piece.

And now, just as I was typing the above sentence I got a text message telling me that in yesterday's election the TRWD's favored trio received approximately 6,000 fewer mail-in absentee ballot votes than the previous TRWD Board Election, where thousands of ill gotten absentee ballots were used to fraudulently re-elect Jim Lane and Marty Leonard.

Why has there been no demand from anyone insisting Jim Lane  and Marty Leonard resign from their fraudulently obtained TRWD Board positions?

It's all perplexing, and just one more thing which makes Crookedtown so pitiful in so many ways, and so crooked...

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