Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vote Kelleher & Beatty To Stop Another Stolen TRWD Board Election

Well, I foolishly thought, what with the last Tarrant Regional Water District Board election resulting in the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history, with that investigation ongoing, that the perpetrators of that election fraud would tread lightly with the upcoming TRWD Board election in which Mary Kelleher is seeking re-election, with Andra Beatty hoping to join her.

I thought wrong.

Today I was sent examples of mailers being sent to Senior Citizens. Propaganda pieces featuring current Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, and disgraced former Fort Worth Mayor, Mike Moncrief, warning voters, just like the last election, to not let a Dallas businessman disrupt our water.

One of the mailers warns--- VOTERS BEWARE: Two of the candidates running for Water Board (Mary Kelleher and Andra Beatty) have been helping Dallas businessman Monty Bennett with his ongoing efforts to disrupt and take over control of our local water supply. Please BEWARE of FALSE information from them or Mr. Bennett.

Yes, that is actually good advice. BEWARE  of FALSE information (known as propaganda) from those same people who stole the last election, getting a record number of votes for  TRWD incumbents Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, with around 10,000 of those votes coming from absentee ballots, the absurdity of which is what sent up the red flags of obvious fraud.

These shameless people have no scruples.

Preying on the fears of senior citizens, cynically figuring senior citizens can be easily duped.

The above mailer tells senior citizens to vote early by mail, you know, those absentee ballots which were so useful to the TRWD incumbents the last election.

What does the TRWD Board, and the oligarchy which runs Fort Worth, have to fear from having another "outsider" join Mary Kelleher on the TRWD Board?

If "outsiders" controlled the TRWD Board all sorts of uncomfortable questions might get asked with answers unable to be avoided.

Questions such as why does J.D. Granger still have his job as Executive Director of the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, with that project's vision having turned into a mismanaged muddy mess.

A muddy mess with the construction of three simple bridges being built over dry land, stalled for over a year.

Stalled with no explanation.

Questions about how much money has been spent on the TRWD's Trinity River Vision for items like various forms of propaganda, such as quarterly updates, websites, signage and other "image" enhancers intended to dupe the public?

A Dallas businessman is trying to get control of the local water supply? I guess this type nonsense worked the previous election, well, combined with absentee ballot fraud, but if I were a senior  citizen, with this type idiocy directed at me, well, I would feel insulted that Betsy and Mike, my fellow senior citizens, think I am this stupid and so easily duped....

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