Monday, April 10, 2017

Today Facebook Figured Out For Me What My Face Looks Like

I do not know how I managed to function before the invention of Facebook and its myriad ways of using complex scientific analysis to render all sorts of complex conclusions.

Before Facebook I had an inkling I was a High IQ Super Genius.

But, to have this High IQ Super Genius thing confirmed on Facebook, with multiple confirmations, via multiple extremely difficult examinations, really is super validating.

Before Facebook I really did not know that knowing things such as the sun is a star, that Lincoln was the American president during the American  Civil War or that Germany was not one of America's allies during World War II, was rare knowledge known only to High IQ Super Genius sorts such as myself.

And now today, after decades of living on this planet, over the span of parts of two centuries, thanks to Facebook, I have now finally learned what my face looks like.

Apparently I look like an Llama looking like Robert Downey Jr. looking like Tarzan in cartoon form.

I get the Llama and Tarzan similarity. But, Robert Downey Jr.? That just makes me lose some of my faith in the validity of these scientific Facebook analytical  examinations....

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