Saturday, April 1, 2017

This Downpour Is No April Fools Day Joke

Midway through  the first day of April the sky has begun to drip. Not yet in copious amounts, and, so far, without the predicted thunder booms.

I think the thunder booms are scheduled to arrive later in the day.

Spencer Jack texted me this morning with a message and a photo. I am fairly sure both the message and the photo are what are known as an April Fools Day prank.

I blogged Spencer Jack's April Fools Day message in a blogging titled Seattle Space Needle Collapses.

That aforementioned dripping has now gone into downpour mode.

As you can sort of tell via the picture above, taken from my computer room window, in addition to  rain, the wind is busy blowing.

That is not the Puerto Rican flag under the American flag.  That is the Texas state flag, The Lone Star should have clued you non-Texans as to what flag is furling under the Stars and Stripes.

I think I should go batten down the hatches now...

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