Wednesday, April 5, 2017

No Orcas Seen In Fort Worth's Muddy Trinity River Vision

I guess this would fall into the category of things I see via west coast news sources which I would not expect to see in a Texas news source about something in Texas.

But, what I really thought was that this was a cool picture.

And, yes, of course one would never expect to see an Orca killer whale cruising in Fort Worth's Trinity River.

An alligator, yes, killer whale, no.

I saw this photo yesterday on Facebook, via, I think, Seattle's KOMO TV.

Some commenters commented that this did not look like a recent photo, due to the paucity of tall buildings.

Those commenters are used to seeing the usual view of the Space Needle, from atop Queen  Anne Hill, looking south, with the Space Needle appearing to loom large over the Seattle skyline, with Mount Rainier appearing to hover high further in the background.

The view above is from Elliott Bay, looking east at the Space Needle and the Cascade Mountain foothills in the distance.

The reality is, despite confusing photos indicating otherwise, the Space Needle is shorter than many of the buildings which make up the Seattle skyline, but way taller  than any of the buildings which make up the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Fort  Worth should build itself some sort of signature tower, their own version of that tower in Dallas, the one in San Antonio, that more famous one in Seattle and that even more famous one in Paris.

This might finally give Fort Worth something which might cause people in other locales in the world to  recognize as being located in Fort Worth, something the city currently lacks.

Well, there is that Fort Worth Stockyards sign...

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