Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Balmy Sikes Lake Walk With First Texas Wildflowers Of The Year

This past weekend's weather unpleasantness has faded from memory, what with the return of blue sky and warm air at my location a few miles south of the Red River and the Oklahoma border.

About an hour before noon I opted to enjoy the balmy outdoors via a fast walk to Sikes Lake.

It has been weeks since I have walked to and around Sikes Lake.

Today at Sikes Lake I saw my first outbreak of the year of Texas wildflowers. Those being the pink primroses you see here, with more sort of visible on the other side of the lake.

I am fairly certain I have named this pink wildflower correctly, but if I am wrong I am sure either my favorite Texoma horticulturist, Miss Misty, or my favorite Fort Worth horticulturist, Miss Julie, will correct me.

The pink primrose is the first Texas wildflower my eyes every saw. It was way back in May of 1998. On the way to the Dallas/Fort Worth zone, which at that point in time I did not know was referred to as the Metroplex, or Metromess, on the last night before reaching DFW I stayed over night in Amarillo.

The next morning, heading southeast on 287, I was first struck by seeing the flattest I had ever seen the planet being. A level, flat horizon, far in the distance, no matter what direction one looked. I'd never see anything like this before.

And then delicate, little pink flowers began showing up along the side of the road. After about 100 miles of seeing these little pink flowers I got off the road for a closer look.

I do not remember at what point in time I was informed, or by whom, that these delicate, little pink flowers were wildflowers known as pink primroses.

I have never thought to get close enough to a pink primrose to smell if they share a pleasant type fragrance with their namesake. I suspect not, or such would waft into the air without the need for a close up inspection...

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