Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Warm Sunday Sidewalk Walking Tour Of My Texas Caribbean Neighborhood

At long last, on this next to last Sunday of April, blue sky and warm temperatures, well, semi-warm temperatures, have returned to my previously slightly cool location on the planet.

Last night the low here got into the upper 40s.

I have just returned from a tour of my Caribbean neighborhood where the air was warmed to a pleasant 65. All temperatures spoken  here are in Fahrenheit mode, not Celsius, just to be clear.

Upper 40s would be HOT in Celsius mode, and super sizzling in the 60s, what with 65 degrees Celsius being 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today I walked the Circle Trail til I reached Haiti, headed west on Haiti, til I reached Barbados, instead of Cuba, which is the island nation west of Haiti. I'm not sure where in the Caribbean Barbados is located, but when I reached Barbados I headed south and eventually took the picture you see above.

As you can see my shady Caribbean neighborhood, and Wichita Falls, has something which was quite rare at my former Texas location, that being sidewalks on both sides of the street, with a grass median between the sidewalks and the road.

What a concept.

Well, it really not not all that rare a concept in modern  locations in America and much of the world.

Sidewalks rendering being a pedestrian safe and easy.

While at my former location, Fort Worth, more often than not if a sidewalk did exist it was a pitiful dirt path worn into existence by hapless walkers plodding along a lumpy trail....

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