Thursday, March 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday To Gar The Texan's Buffalo Butt Beer Swilling Smoking Hot German

This would be one of the rare instances of me participating in what is known as Throwback Thursday.

Long ago, early in this century, the year may have been 2002, possibly 2003, for reasons I no longer remember, I somehow agreed to take Gar the Texan and his then girl friend on a tour of the DFW zone.

Well, the western half of the DFW zone.

Well, pretty much the western half of the western half of the DFW zone.

Anyway, this latest of Gar the Texan's long line of girl friends was one he had met in Germany. She was making her first visit to America, to visit Gar the Texan.

During the course of this extremely long tour of the western half of the western half of the DFW zone I took the tour to the Fort Worth Stockyards.

During the course of wandering the Stockyards eventually we ended up at the location you see above.

Booger Red's Saloon.

Where we had ourselves some of Booger Red's famous Buffalo Butt Beer.

That would be Gar the Texan on the saddle seat in the foreground, with his German girl friend on the saddle seat next to him, enjoying one of her German cigarettes between sips of Buffalo Butt Beer.

I did not get to spend much time with Gar the Texan's German girl friend, but I did spend enough time to conclude she was a keeper. What is not to like about a fraulein who can chain smoke German cigarettes while chugging a gallon of Buffalo Butt Beer?

It did not surprise me to learn, a month or two later, that Gar the Texan and his German girl friend were getting married. The international chemistry was obvious even to my oblivious eyes.

That international union lasted the 2nd or 3rd longest of Gar the Texan's many marriages. Eventually the German was replaced with a good, wholesome, All-American Idahoan who does not smoke and has the good sense to not chug Buffalo Butt Beer, or sit on a saddle in Booger Red's Saloon.

Until the next time, that is my Throwback Thursday for now....

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