Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Morning I Learned I Am An Emotional Extrovert

This morning on Facebook, via Nurse Martha, I saw one of those scientific survey test things which do an in-depth analysis using precise data to make some determination about something, such as if one is spelling challenged, a genius or what state one is best suited to live in. That type thing.

I found out I am an Emotional Extrovert after I took this grueling test.

The link bait in Facebook said "You Can Only Fit One Of These Four Personalities. Which One Is It?"

"Every single person is one of these four. Which are you?"

Along with learning I was an Emotional Extrovert I also got the following detailed analysis....

Most defining characteristics: Your personality is mostly associated with fire! You are optimistic, restless and sensitive. 

You are a extroverted, eccentric and opinionated person. You tend to be impulsive and restless but at the same time passionate and sensitive. You love to be in charge and ambition is one of your strongest qualities. 

You have a very short fuse and a flaming temper. Patience for other peoples' inadequacies or ignorance is something you lack, and you can come off as blunt and aggressive. Despite your flaws you are wildly intelligent, incredibly loyal and you do have a soft side that helps you create deep and meaningful relationships with people.

Uncannily accurate....

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