Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You Trump Cruz

For almost a year about once a month I find myself driving from Wichita Falls to the Dallas/Fort Worth zone.

Along the way, on Highway 287, a thing or two or three caught my eye the first time I drove by, and every time since.

One of the oddest I see shortly before passing through the tiny burg of Bellevue, with that odd thing being an adult video store. I thought video stores of all sorts, including the adult  type, had gone the way of the dodo bird, due to the Internet, along with cable TV.

Prior to Bellevue, about  20 miles out of Wichita Falls what I saw odd originally was "CRUZ" crudely spray painted on a large wooden wall billboard type thing slightly elevated above ground level.

Upon first perusal I did not know if this particular CRUZ sign was a political sign supporting the creepy Texas senator who bears a striking resemblance to Grandpa Munster, or what. Around the time of last summer's Republican Convention I saw that CRUZ had been crossed out, with "TRUMP" sloppily spray painted over CRUZ.

So, apparently this is a political sign of the times.

As I drove by I tried to snap a photo of the CRUZ/TRUMP sign, but that did not work out. Next time I will pull off the highway so as to facilitate successful photo documenting.

I forgot to mention a giant cowboy stands in front of CRUZ/TRUMP, adding to the oddity.

One of the other odd things, well, not really all that odd, more Orwellian than odd, I come to a few miles south of Decatur.

That to which I refer you see above.

A billboard warning passing people that "The EYES of TEXAS are Upon YOU". With a spy in  a cowboy hat snooping with binoculars.

I think this sign's purpose is to discourage people from poaching wildlife. Or maybe cattle. I did not realize this was a problem of such serious proportions that it would warrant a billboard and a phone number so that one can call and be a snitch about a suspected poacher...


Steve A said...

Do they still have the billboard with a smiling George W Bush inquiring "Miss Me Yet?" set up in between Wichita Falls and Fort Worth? Seems at least as apropos today as it did a couple of years ago...

Durango said...

Steve A--- I think the missing George W. billboard must be history. I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it if it were still there to be noticed.