Thursday, February 16, 2017

Caribbean Neighborhood Cruise With Unexpected Spain Detour

A breeze from the south has brought some warmth to my location on the planet on this 16th day of February.

Almost 60 degrees worth of warmth when I opted to exit my abode to take a walking tour of my neighborhood Caribbean zone.

As you can see via the view looking north on the Circle Trail, a clear blue sky has brushed the gray away.

Water flows once again in Holliday Creek, roaring through Holliday Gorge on its way to merge with the Wichita River. Roaring Holliday Creek would be that ribbon of blue you see to the right of the Circle Trail.

My walking tour plan today was to exit the Circle Trail, then cross Weeks Park Lane to enter the Caribbean via Grenada.

But, today I was shocked to see that before I could get to the Caribbean island of Barbados I had to visit a city in Spain named Granada.

Why would those who named these streets opt to throw in a Spanish city amongst all the Caribbean islands?

I suspect a spelling error or geographic illiteracy may be the culprit.

I did not let the unexpected detour to Spain deter me from enjoying my Caribbean cruise to Barbados, Antigua and Tobago.

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