Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Inauguration Venting From Spencer Jack's Dad

On this day, which will likely live on in infamy, a Trump Inauguration message from Spencer Jack's Dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason.....

FUD --

Tomorrow morning I am not going to be at work by my normal arrival time.  I will be watching the inauguration. 

Last year, on a very hot sunny Saturday, in early May, I attended Trump's rally in Lynden.  You and I talked in length about that event.  I described it as 'a red neck circus' and how it made me really embarrassed to have roots in Lynden or be associated with anyone who was truly there to support Trump.

I had no idea that Trump would have any chance of being our next president.  I truly thought I was only observing a man making a fool of himself and our democracy.

I was standing just yards from Trump's podium when he spoke.  Immediately after the speech, I was within just a few feet of the now president-elect, with ample opportunities to shake his hand.  I opted to let others forge forward.  A hand shake with the Donald did not intrigue me then, however, should I have known he would be elected, I might have just done such just for the sake of saying I did such.

Nephew Spencer Jack and myself are privileged. I'm saying that in the most humble way I can think of constructing such.  I know that many people in this world (and our own country)  don't have what we care, food, shelter, clothing, an education, etc.   We are very grateful to not be in that situation.

My whole adult life I have always believed in and tried to support those who are less fortunate than myself. I believe it to be my moral duty to help others, given the opportunities I have been afforded.  I don't believe Trump feels the same way.  I am a huge fan of social programs, open immigration, welfare, free education, and basically doing anything we can to help others succeed.  Taxing the wealthy to help the poor just makes sense to me.  I am worried Trump doesn't feel the same way.  I am so worried that he will put big business before any social obligations.  My biggest worry is that he will not help those people  --- the abandoned, abused, unfortunate and underprivileged --- and forget that our government was founded when it opted to seek to offer those inalienable rights for all.

I met my mother's parents at McDonald's for coffee two days ago.  They asked me if Spencer and I were flying back to D.C. to watch tomorrow's inauguration.  My mother's parents are huge Trump fans. I don't understand why. I avoided the subject, but all I could think about is how my mother's father is a son of an immigrant who came to this country with nothing.  That son of an immigrant now has 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren, 4 great grand children (Spencer Jack being the eldest) all of whom have health care, food, shelter, clothing, an education, etc...   Yet he supports a man who wants to build a wall.

I have personally been to the Statue of Liberty.  Spencer has not, he has only sailed past it....I will take him there someday so he can read the inscription planted on Miss Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free....

If I had a chance to talk to the Donald, I would kindly tell him this:  "We don't need a wall. We don't need tax breaks. Please set aside your agenda of helping big business, and help man kind.  This country was once open to immigrants wanting a better life.  Those are my ancestors.  Because of that opportunity, I have a way better life then they ever did.  Let's continue the cycle."

I live in a town full of immigrants.  Many are here, perhaps, illegally.  But I'm guessing they are all in the pursuit of happiness for their offspring.  I hope their children and grandchildren are given the same opportunities I was.

America is Great.  I hope it doesn't change.


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