Saturday, January 14, 2017

Second Wichita Falls Saturday Of The New Year With No Ice Storm Yet

A few minutes ago I left the warmth of my humble  abode thinking I might be able to endure the current frigidity long enough to have myself some salubrious exposure to endorphins via aerobic stimulation derived from high speed jogging.

I thought wrong.

Too cold, with too much drizzly mist adding to the chilly 34 degrees.

If we lose two more degrees we may be in Ice Storm mode. I do not want to be in Ice Storm mode.

I will not be driving anywhere until the threat of Ice Storm mode totally abates.

Twice in the past three years I made the mistake of leaving my old D/FW abode when an Ice Storm threatened, to find myself about a mile down the road when the temperature dropped below freezing, with the road suddenly treacherous, with the return to safety taking a couple hours of negotiating unwanted slipping and sliding and avoiding being  hit by other slippers and sliders.

The precipitation which is currently precipitating seems to be gradually migrating from mist to raindrops. Raindrops combined with a temperature below freezing is the recipe for an Ice Storm.

During my brief exposure to the outer world, on this second Saturday of the new year, I made it as far as the Circle Trail. I snapped the photo you see above, looking north, and then retreated to my safe zone where plenty of heat is being generated, including some heat from an oven baking a big turkey tortilla casserole.

I think I hear the lunch bell tolling....

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you missed today's Fat Stock Show Parade in your former home of Fort Worth.

The Fort Worth Fat Stock Show Parade had some interesting winners in 2016. The Western Heritage award winner was The Sons of Confederate Veterans organization out of Grand Prairie. The Best Marching Group Other Than A Band was the 15th Texas Cavalry Company E (Confederacy). Looks like the south (Confederacy) has risen again in Cowtown. Wow. Just wow.