Monday, January 30, 2017

Mom's Happy Birthday & Hot Walk Around Sikes Lake

With the outer world temperature nearing 70 degrees I decided to take myself on a long jaunt to and around Sikes Lake today for the first time in weeks.

A lot of people, and a lot of birds, had the same idea.

Prior to exiting my abode to get me some salubrious aerobically induced endorphins I made a happy birthday call to Arizona because today is my mom's birthday.

Happy birthday mom.

My mom is twenty years older than me. Give or take a week or two. Or maybe a month or two.

For her happy birthday lunch my mom and dad are going to go to an Arizona restaurant called Denny's. I learned this whilst talking to my mom when their other phone rang with my dad answering and then informing my mom it was sister Clancy calling to confirm being at Denny's at 11.

I did not think to ask if my Arizona favorite nephews were included in, or invited to, the Denny's happy birthday party.

I do know I was not invited to my mom's happy birthday party at Denny's.

Now that you are causing me to think about it, I assumed Denny's was a restaurant. Maybe mom's happy birthday party is taking place at someone named Denny's house.

I should have asked more questions.

Anyway, it is nice to be back on the verge of needing to turn on the air conditioning again....

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