Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Looking For Elsie Hotpepper At Fuel City In Haltom City

This morning I was on the road soon after the sun came up, heading to the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, to a little town called Euless.

After I was done with what I was doing in Euless I headed south, to Arlington, to Costco, among a couple  other locations.

At Costco, for the first time in years, I had the famous Costco $1.50 hot dog. The Polish version.

The years have not treated the Costco hot dog kindly. Or maybe it is just Texas has shrunk the Costco dog and stuck it in a bun too short to hold the entire dog.

Regardless of the current state of the Costco hot dog, I still enjoyed it, likely due to the nostalgia factor, reminding me of the many times I enjoyed such in its former glory, back in Costco's  home location, which also is my old home location.

After Costco I headed west, stopping at a bank in Fort Worth and then continuing on to the booming town of Haltom City. Being in Haltom  City was not planned, but came about when I realized I was in the area of a new doctor's office I had not yet seen.

 Leaving the doctor's  office I soon found myself on a Texas Turnaround, turning me around to head west again, on the frontage road of what is known as the Airport Freeway. Soon I found myself at the thoroughfare known as Haltom Road.

As I was stopped at the Haltom Road stop light I looked across the street and saw that I was at the location of Haltom City's newest tourist attraction.

Fuel  City.

Where one can get car wash tacos in addition to gas. As you can see via the photo at the top.

Soon I found  myself parked at Fuel City and ventured inside, half expecting to find Elsie Hotpepper, due to the fact that the Hotpepper has been seen at this location multiple times since it opened.

But, no Elsie Hotpepper was found.

Continuing on from Fuel City, after a short stop at WinCo in North Richland Hills, it was time to make my way back  to the northwest, to Wichita Falls.

This time I returned via a new route, rather than boring 287. This new route had me driving over Lake Bridgeport and Runaway Bay, before being surrounded by dozens upon dozens of giant windmills.

North of Jacksboro, I came upon dairy farms and a huge herd or flock or whatever one calls a group of sheep. Hundreds of the fuzzy critters.

The next time I make my way home via this route I will photo document what I see, but today I did not bring my camera, just the camera that doubles as a phone.

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