Thursday, January 19, 2017

Holliday Creek Roaring Rapids Anticipating Saturday's Wichita Falls Protest March

Relatively warm air has returned to my location on the planet, with the temperature a couple dozen degrees warmer than freezing.

The return of relative balminess had me opening my kitchen window this morning to enable enjoying that heated breeze blowing in from the south.

When I opened the window I heard the sound of water moving fast, indicating to me that Holliday Creek was moving a large volume of water.

A short time later I slathered on the sunscreen and ventured out to take a look at Holliday Creek. What you see above are my backyard Holliday Creek rapids churning up some whitewater this morning.

I do not know why I have yet to see any kayakers shooting the Holliday Creek rapids. One would think such would take place, what with a university nearby full of free-spirited sorts.

Speaking of which, well, speaking of the nearby university. This morning, via Miss Marilyn on Facebook, I learned I will be doing some protest marching Saturday morning.

Miss Marilyn's Protest Post....

January 21st. Start at 10am and meet at Midwestern by Sike's Lake.
For those that can't walk that far you can pick up the March at Sike's Center as we move toward Fidelity Bank on Kemp and Kell. For those that can't walk far at all you can meet us at the bank for a show of solidarity there.
Purpose: We stand in solidarity with others in this great nation who feel their individual human rights have been threatened by the election of Donald Trump and the Cabinet members he has proposed. Mr. Trump may have been elected our next POTUS but WE will be heard and WE will not go away. This march is for both men and women.


I can not remember the last time I participated in a protest march. If ever.

I do remember being in Seattle with my two oldest favorite nephews, Jason and Joey, and coming back to ground level from the downtown Seattle bus tunnel to find ourselves in the midst of a HUGE protest march protesting, if I remember right, the first Gulf War, you know, the one to liberate Kuwait.

I doubt Saturday's Wichita Falls Protest March will be as big and loud as that one years ago in Seattle. But you never know. I have learned, during my short time here, that the people of Wichita Falls are a feisty collection of Texans, totally unlike those herds of sheep I was used to seeing in Fort Worth, where there is so much to protest about, just the local issues, but seldom is a peep heard.

Or, have I somehow missed the news of the Fort Worth protest march protesting America's Biggest Boondoggle and the still stalled construction of The Boondoggle's three simple little bridges connecting the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island?

A protest march demanding Kay Granger's son be fired from the job it is now quite clear for which he was totally not qualified. No, that won't happen, not in a district which re-elected Mrs. Granger, also known as Queen Porky Pig, by a landslide.

Meanwhile, to the northwest of Fort Worth, in Wichita Falls, on Saturday, there will be a protest march. Photo documentation will arrive that afternoon via this blog you are reading right now....

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