Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fort Worth Sidewalk Inertia Not Found In Wichita Falls

What you are looking at here is something I never saw during the entire time I found myself stuck in the third world city which calls itself Fort Worth.

A sidewalk under construction.

For years I lamented Fort Worth's bizarre sidewalk shortage. I lost track of the number of times I found myself appalled at seeing some young mom struggling to push a baby carriage on a dirt path on the side of a Fort Worth road.

Or some old lady ambling along leaning on a cane as she navigated Fort Worth's mean sidewalk-less streets.

The Good Ol' Boy and Girl Network which runs Fort Worth would not have to travel far to find towns which have figured out how to build sidewalks. Just about any Fort Worth suburb is a modern American city, with sidewalks and city parks with no outhouses.

At my current location in the Texas town which calls itself Wichita Falls, the town knows how to build sidewalks. I can leave my abode and head any direction able to walk on a paved sidewalk.

On both sides of the street.

The sidewalk under construction, which you see above, will connect the Circle  Trail to the sidewalk at the north side of Southwest Boulevard. There was not a foot worn dirt path at this location indicating the need for a sidewalk, but it is easy to see that adding such is a good idea at this location.

If Fort Worth wanted to add sidewalks to its forlorn sidewalk free streets there would be no need to fund a study group to determine where sidewalks are needed. All one would need to do is map all the town's forlorn footworn dirt paths, clearly indicating where a modern paved sidewalk is needed.

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