Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seeing Dad Before Heading To Maricopa Seeking McDonald's Penny

What you are looking at here is the tropical-like pool zone of the Ak-Chin Casino Resort in Maricopa.

Maricopa is a town a short distance south of the Phoenix metro zone.

Maricopa has three McDonald's, one of which is the location of Penny. On Tuesday we did not find Penny at her McDonald's location.

We did find Penny at a slot machine in the Ak Chin Casino Resort.

Today we are returning to Maricopa to try and find Penny at her McDonald's, among other reasons to be in Maricopa.

Such as returning to the Ak-Chin Casino. On Tuesday we visited the casino to get a crock pot, along with what seemed to be hundreds of other people seeking crock pots. I have never seen so many people carrying crock pots. Or sitting at slot machines with their crock pots.

Apparently if one visits the Ak-Chin Casino frequently enough one gets to get an assortment of kitchen appliances. Like I said, we are returning to Maricopa today, including going to the casino. I think today I am going to be seeing a lot of people, if I remember right, toting an electric mixer beater type device.

On Tuesday to get the crock pot we made our way through the throng of people playing various games til we got to a location where two pieces of paper were shown to one of the ladies checking the paper pieces. Then another piece of paper was given to my sister. We then meandered a confusing maze of halls til we arrived at the cool pool you see above.

Under a shaded zone near the ;pool was the biggest collection of crock pots I have ever eye witnessed. You can see some of those crock pots below.

That would be my dear sister, Jackie, soon after taking possession of one of the crock pots. We then joined all the other people toting crock pots and gradually made our way through the confusing maze of halls til we came to the location from whence we entered. Soon we found ourselves back in air conditioned car comfort with our dear mother where we left her with the engine and air conditioning running.

On Tuesday I had one of the new McDonald's signature sandwiches. A BBQ bacon crispy chicken, with equally crispy onion on an artisan bun. Plus a fish sandwich and maybe a couple other items. Today I will go lighter with one of the McDonald's signature salads. And maybe a fish sandwich.

I am currently in the lobby of my dad's current location. Mom is in with dad. Lunch should soon arrive. Dad was not too perky this morning. I left them with mom asking dad if he wanted chocolate milk and a banana...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Following Elsie Hotpepper Technical Computer Advice Arizona Malfunction

I asked for technical advice from that well known computer whiz, Elsie Hotpepper, regarding trying to get on to my computer an infamous photo of me eating way too many McDonald's products at my dad's Happy Father's Day All You Can Eat McDonald's Buffet.

Elsie cleverly advised me to use the phone blogging Blogger app to upload the photo from my phone. I followed Elsie's precise instructions.

But, when I got my computer back online, after getting dad back to his room, after another successful exercise therapy session, I opened the blogger program and the saved from the phone blog post, but the infamous photo of me eating way too many McDonald's products at my dad's Happy Father's Day All You Can Eat McDonald's Buffet was nowhere to be seen.

I suspect it will take til I am back in Texas, reunited with the cable which connects the phone to the computer, to get that notorious photo off my phone.

Meanwhile when I looked for that photo possibly being somewhere in the Google Cloud I clicked on a photo titled Durango New Mexico and soon found myself wondering as to the when and where of the above photo.

This photo would be from sometime back in the previous decade. I believe the rock behind me is called Shipwreck Rock, or some such similar name. I do not ever remember having a blue baseball cap. Blue has never been one of my favorite colors.

Back to the present.

Arrived at dad's location around ten. Found him in the therapy room walking the parallel bars. The physical therapist told us dad is making good progress of late. I was surprised by how fast he was moving on the parallel bars.

Soon mom and I will be leaving here, going to pick up sister Jackie, and then heading south to Maricopa to see Penny at McDonald's. I suspect one of those new fangled McDonald's signature burgers is in my future for day...

Monday, June 19, 2017

Day After Father's Day Dad Takes A Long Walk

Back to the latest episode of the Days of Our Lives, also known as American Horror Story: Seinfeld.

Arrived at dad's place in time for his morning therapy session. Well, the end of the therapy session. Dad had finished 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

The Physical Therapist came out to see mom and me to tell us that dad would now be walking back to his room.

Huh? Mom and I sort of reacted at the same time.

Soon mom and I found ourselves following dad, walking, all the way back to his room. We went from two days ago being told dad had walked fifteen feet to this morning he walked all the way back to his room.

Back in his room I left mom and dad to return to the lobby to wait for my sister and the hearing aid expert to arrive.

When the hearing aid expert arrived he quickly determined there was nothing wrong with dad's hearing aids. Except, uh, the filter needed replacing. An extremely little filter installed from the end of an extremely small stick. My sister got the lesson on how to perform this task. I knew it was far beyond my technical expertise.

A few minutes after the hearing aid expert exited dad indicated he would not mind getting HOT. And so we exited the lobby to the courtyard, where we enjoyed the HEAT for a short duration, before crossing the courtyard to exit to the location where movies and church takes place.

Above you see sister Jackie moving dad into a HEAT absorbing position, with mom providing directional advice. Dad is in celebrity mode with the sunglasses, hiding from the paparazzi.

Tomorrow Jackie is taking mom and me to Maricopa to see Penny at McDonalds. This will take place after the noontime dad visit. I do not know why I am not exhausted. Today began with a long swim with Ann, Phyllis and the rest of the ladies, including the Grande Dame, Jacqui...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dad's Father's Day McDonald's Buffet With Uncle Mooch & Tillie

So. My dad's Father's Day All You Can Eat McDonald's Buffet went off okay.

Opening right on schedule a half hour before noon. Well, maybe a few minutes past that half hour before noon mark.

Dad's new hearing aid was misbehaving today, so tomorrow we are bringing in the hearing aid doctor to figure out what is wrong.

In the partial picture of those attending my dad's Father's Day McDonald's Buffet that would be my little brother, Spencer Jack's grandpa, and Jason and Joey's dad, Jake, on the far left. Next to Jake you are looking at my number two sister, Jackie, who is not a grandma but is the mom of Christopher and Jeremy, who were not in attendance. In the middle, looking at me, is the aforementioned dad. Big Blue on the right is my brother-in-law, Jack, who also is the husband of my sister Jackie and the dad of Christopher and Jeremy.

Miss Daisy, also known as my mom, is partially visible under Big Blue.

An incriminating photo of me was taken by sister Jackie, showing me double fisting a couple burger, with an array of McDonald's products in front of me. Unfortunately I am unable to share this photo due to it having been sent to my phone and due to the fact I left the phone connector to my computer back in Texas.

Dad's Father's Day McDonald's Buffet marks the first time I have actually heard mom refer to me as Gerry, aka Uncle Mooch. Last night, on the way home from seeing dad, mom confessed to repeatedly referring to me as Gerry.I told mom I had been told she had been doing such, but that I had not noticed.

Until today.

Continuing the theme, today, at least for awhile, dad thought sister number two, Jackie, was sister number one, Nancy. This became apparent when dad asked Jackie a dog question about sister Nancy's dog, Tillie. Something like "how's Tillie doing?"

Yesterday Spencer Jack's dad texted me he was arriving in Arizona tonight. But Spencer Jack's grandpa knew nothing of this arrival, as of when I saw Spencer Jack's grandpa this morning.

The heat has begun to get HOT. Miss Daisy sent me into Walmart this afternoon on the way to see dad. Dad had requested a chapstick lip balm type product. I do not know if the lip balm survived the bout in the heat before returning to air conditioned safety.

I guided Miss Daisy to dad's room and left as I heard mom telling dad she had something for him. I assume mom was referring to the lip balm.

I currently feel like I am living in a TV show. A sort of hybrid of Seinfeld and American Horror Story....

Happy Father's Day With Dad In Arizona & McDonald's

It is the morning of the 2017 version of Father's Day. I do not remember when last, til today, I actually saw my dad on Father's Day, but on this Father's Day I have already said Happy Father's Day to my dad and given him a Happy Father's Day hug.

And what a blessing. No hearing aid drama this morning. So far.

I went swimming this morning, all alone. Apparently all the Sun Lakes ladies, and the Grande Dame, take Sunday off.

In the view above you are outside my dad's room, in the covered patio zone. That would be the window of dad's room you see on the right.

If I remember right we are supposed to get heated to 114 today. 119 tomorrow. Yesterday early evening it was a bit brutally HOT during the dad visit, just the transit from vehicle to interior air conditioned comfort. To maximize my heat related discomfort today I am in long pants. I figured I'd try this sort of modified Arab method of dealing with HEAT. We shall see how well that works out.

Last night I reserved the special activity room for today's noontime Happy Father's Day McDonald's Buffet of all my dad's McDonald's favorites. I am hoping this includes my McDonald's favorite, that being the Fish Sandwich. I have not had a McDonald's Fish Sandwich since the last time I was in Arizona, five years ago.

I vaguely recollect my sister telling me this coming week she may take me and mom south to Maricopa to see Penny at one of that town's three McDonald's. Penny manages one of three McDonald/s and has been asking where my mom and dad have been of late. I do not think we will be bringing dad along on this McDonald's expedition.

I am currently planning on beginning my return to Texas this coming Saturday morning. Mom is planning on loading me up on frozen things, like banana bread and apple sauce, and unfrozen things like raspberry jam....

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pre-Father's Day Banana With Dad & Miss Daisy

That is my dear ol' dad you see here, one day before Father's Day. I drove Miss Daisy to dad this morning earlier than the norm. We had grapes, a banana and a chocolate milk for dad.

I tried to snap the picture whilst dad was sipping his chocolate milk and holding the banana, but by the time the flash went off the chocolate milk had been lowered and the banana lifted into position.

This morning I learned I now know how to install hearing aids. The one marked red goes in the right ear. That really is all you need to remember. When the right one goes in it starts talking to the left one, with high pitched beeps.

Upon installation dad perks up. I got out my phone and asked dad to smile for Michele. He instantly did so, but my phone takes forever to take a picture. The photo use see above was taken via my old-fashioned digital camera. The phone version manages to do its thing without snapping a flash.

Today is Spencer Jack's dad birthday. I heard from Spencer Jack's dad that he is flying in on Father's Day for some relative experience. I do not know if Spencer Jack is also flying in.

Tomorrow, for Father's Day, sister Jackie is delivering to dad an all you can eat smorgasbord buffet of all dad's McDonald's favorites. I hope this includes multiple fish sandwiches. I know it includes sausage egg McMuffins. And maybe breakfast burritos.

Last night mom and I made lasagna. And fresh corn on the cob. Somehow in the middle of an extremely HOT desert I managed to have the tastiest, sweetest best corn on the cob ever. We will be having a corn on the cob repeat this evening.

The dire HEAT ARMAGEDDON begins tomorrow, starting at 114, going up to 119 for Monday, then 120, or maybe 121, for Tuesday, continuing on with this baking til a slight cooling arrives later in the week.

My only swimming companion this morning was Donna. The rest of the ladies take the weekend off. They may also take the HEAT wave off, or at least they were speculating such last time I pooled with them.

I am delaying my exit from the Valley of the Sun until this HEAT wave passes.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Arizona Morning Driving Miss Daisy To Pickle Ball & Dad

This morning's Arizona adventure, after a night of imaginary air-conditioner malfunctioning, was driving Miss Daisy, I mean my mom, to Dobson Ranch Park to see my sister, Jackie, playing Pickle Ball.

We managed to eventually find one of the Dobson Ranch Parks, in Dobson Ranch, somewhere in Mesa. Well, I am fairly certain it was Mesa, and that we were north of Chandler.

Eventually Miss Daisy and I found ourselves lost in a maze of cul-de-sacs.

Calling sister Jackie was our go to rescue. Jackie then directed us to the particular Dobson Park Ranch where Pickle Ball is played.

That is Jackie you see above, the Pickle Baller in blue. I watched Jackie's team win one game, 11 to 0. And then it was time to return to Miss Daisy who I had left behind in the vehicle, with no shade. And no window down. I understand this is a bad thing to do when the temperature gets into, or beyond, the 100 degree range.

Leaving Pickle Ball, Miss Daisy and I drove back home to Sun Lakes where we foraged various freezers til we found frozen lasagna. Lasagna is on tonight's dinner menu. Last night it was barbecued steak with cheesy cauliflower, jicama, pineapple, watermelon and broccoli salad.

I have consumed more beef in one week in Arizona than the past five years in Texas.

Yesterday dad had a great day, was liking his new hearing aid, was actually having a conversation with Miss Daisy without painful confusions, with the previous painful confusions often coming from the Miss Daisy vicinity.Yesterday both mom and dad had their hearing aids in working order, thus enabling the good day.

Today we arrived to find dad quickly telling us he needs his hearing aids put in. I find them in a drawer. I tell Miss Daisy I will go find someone to install them. Mom did not want me to find someone to help. Why? I do not know. So, I got a hearing aid installer who had trouble installing. Dad kept saying it hurt. Eventually the left ear was okay. But we gave up on the right ear.

These are custom made hearing aids, designed specifically for each ear, plainly differentiated. But the nurse trying to install them did not know which one was supposed to go in which ear, or that the button on the aid had three settings, easily accidentally pushed, I assume, when struggling to insert the things.

Mom insisted sister Jackie would take care of the problem. I returned to the lobby where my computer is located and called sister Jackie to inform her of the latest episode in the Days of Our Lives. I am now awaiting hearing from Jackie about when the hearing aid helper, Jennifer, will arrive, if ever.

I really never thought I would say such a thing. But, I miss Texas....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Swimming With Arizona Grande Dames While Uncle Mooch Takes Mom To Dad

Every morning, for the past five mornings, I have found myself swimming with a growing number of local ladies.

It started with just Ann and Phyllis. And then several other ladies were added to the mix.

And then a couple days ago someone who preferred not to be referred to as a lady, but instead a Grande Dame, showed up. The Grande Dame's name is Jacqui. A fancy way of spelling my sister, Jackie's, name..

A couple hours after the regular morning swim with the coterie of ladies, and the Grande Dame, mom opted not to do the regular pester, I mean, visit with my dad. Instead I went to my aforementioned sister Jackie's place to utilize her wi-fi and do some more pooling. The pool pics did not turn out to my selfie satisfaction. But the view of the front of my sister's house, which you see above, did turn out to my satisfaction.

Being at my sister's, with a normal internet connection, I was able to see what my phone Blogger app bloggings look like.

Not good.

With one, the photo did not appear. Paragraph breaks did not exist. And the picture showed up at the bottom, with one of them sized way too big. Maybe I need to explore the 'settings' part of the phone Blogger app.

Some time after noon I returned to my mom's location. I thought mom would be all antsy to get to my dad.

Instead we dawdled.

Mom thought dad was in a bad mood yesterday. Mom can not see. Dad got new hearing aids yesterday which resulted in me having what will go down in my memory history as one of the most poignant moments I have ever experienced. I have no idea why mom thinks she can accurately perceive dad's moods.

This entire experience of being here with mom and dad has been a bit overwhelming. My siblings, well the three of the four I have seen and talked to, have helped me get through this day to day.

Eventually mom and I left Sun Lakes and headed north to dad. On the way we made our regular drive-thru McDonald's. Today it was double cheeseburgers and large Cokes. Well, I had a Coke, mom surprisingly went the diet Dr. Pepper route. Dr. Pepper is a Texas thing. I don't know where my mom picked up this bad habit.

I delivered mom to dad, who was in bed peacefully resting. I left mom there before I had to witness mom disturbing dad's restful slumber.

I am now in the lobby, with my laptop, looking at the view you see below.

Dad's room is to the left of the view you see here. It looks like I am sitting outside, but actually you are looking out a big wall of glass.

We are heading into record breaking heat here, arriving on Monday. Each day's forecast seems to increase the degree by one. Several days ago Monday was to be 119 degrees, then it went up to 120, but cooler on Tuesday. This morning Monday went up to 121, with Tuesday potentially hotter.

I have been above 120 only once, with Spencer Jack's dad and Spencer Jack's favorite Uncle Joey, way back in 1998, in Death Valley. The weather forecasters here make it sound like a weather Armageddon is coming with dire worries about the electrical grid.

I just remembered another time I have been above 120. Also in Death Valley, with Big Ed and Dale. If I remember right it was 124 at Badwater, that being the location of the lowest level below sea level in this hemisphere. I do not think the Phoenix zone is below sea level. I don't know what the Valley of the Sun's excuse is for getting so hot.

I suppose I should go check on my mom and dad. Mom likely has been pushing the red button to get someone to get dad up. When he needs to rest.

Have I mentioned my mom has forgotten who I am? She calls me Gerry. Sometime she realizes I am not Gerry. Gerry is my dad's youngest brother, known to me and my siblings as Uncle Mooch.

Mom better not start calling me Uncle Mooch. That name is reserved for only one person. And it is not me...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lemon Tree Not So Sweet Day 8 Out Of Texas

Found a super sweet orange hanging solo on tree in mom and dad's backyard. Mom and I had it for breakfast.

Later took the picture you see here in mom and dad's front yard. I think it's a lemon tree. Surrounded by cactus.

With a flag trying to blow in the wind.

This morning mom asked me to raise the flag because she saw it was Flag Day. Mom knew this via a calendar she isn't supposed to be reading due to being sorta blind.

Driving to dad we saw a lot of flags, so once again mom is right.

In a couple hours dad gets a new hearing aid. One of my favorite sisters should be showing up for that.

We are heading to possibly record breaking temps in a few days.

120 degrees.

I suspect mom will finally agree to turn on the air conditioning...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mom Dad Sister & Grumpy Me


I am making my first attempt at blogging using my phone. The photo I hope you see here was taken this morning where my dad is currently residing without my mom for several hours every day.

I am going to hit the publish button on this to determine if I am actually able to do the blogging thing from my phone...

Add caption

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Leaving Texas Turns Into One Of My Most Adventurous Scary Days Ever


I have been currently experiencing my longest withdrawal from being connected to the online internet world since some time way back in the previous century.

Wednesday morning I left Texas, heading northwest via Highway 287, the road to Amarillo. Destination Sun Lakes, Arizona. Interim destination, on Wednesday, was a town called Albuquerque in a state called New Mexico.

I took a lot of pictures along the way, that day, intending to blog them that night when peacefully ensconced in a nice, quiet motel room.

With Wi-Fi.

However, that Albuquerque's motel's Wi-Fi was in malfunction mode.

The next day all was going well, stopping in Gallup for some McDonald's products, heading west towards Flagstaff.

As I drove along I listened to the Comey testimony til it was over.

I was somewhere in the Painted Desert Petrified Forest Meteor Crater zone of Arizona when my favorite Rabbi called. Perfect phone connection with no cell tower in view.

Soon I was gaining elevation as I got closer to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.

A strong wind was blowing, which I was heading straight into.

And then, about ten miles east of Flagstaff, with me thinking I am only a couple hours out of Phoenix, which I should easily reach by early afternoon, suddenly my vehicle misbehaved, it was like a gust of wind had killed it. I coasted to a stop on the side of the freeway.

I do not recollect the last time I felt so panicked as I did when I came to a dead stop on a busy freeway in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere..

I called Big Ed in Texas. Then I called my sister in Chandler. Chandler is a Phoenix suburb. My sister called others, including my sister in Tacoma. And my brother. All of whom called and texted empathizing with my ordeal with good advice and offers to help.

I zoomed in on the road sign I saw ahead so as to be able to identify my location as the Winona exit 211. I called 911. That soon got me in contact with a towing company. An hour or so later the tow truck showed up. He had a passenger so I had to stay in the driver's seat while my vehicle got elevated on to the flatbed.

It was an elevated scenic ride into Flagstaff, which you can sort of see below.

About a half hour after getting delivered to the vehicle fix-it place the diagnoses was made.

Failed fuel pump.

Soon thereafter a sweet guardian angel showed up on my phone to alleviate me of most of my potential heart attack/stroke inducing stress.

About a half hour before five I was back on the road, heading south to Phoenix. I had never driven the freeway from Flagstaff to Phoenix. That road is one long loss of elevation heading into the Valley of the Sun.

My goal was no longer Sun Lakes and my previously scheduled expected arrival at my mom and dad's. My new goal was to make it to my brother's place in Scottsdale.

I figured I could easily make my way to Scottsdale due to having been there previously. When I realized I was south of the Phoenix airport I knew I was way off course. Asking Google to direct me to my brothers's proved useless.

I got northeast of the airport, parked and called my brother. I told him where I was and he recognized the road I was on and then directed me via surface streets and freeways to his abode. I do not remember the last time I felt as relieved to see someone as I did when I saw Spencer Jack's grandpa.

I had a great time at my brother's. I arrived at his place hungry, having not eaten anything since Gallup, New Mexico. My brother had a virtual buffet laid out of tasty stuff. We went swimming in the morning in his excellent pool.

Soon after swimming I called my mom. Mom thought I was still in Flagstaff. She had not been updated on the fact I had become mobile again. My favorite nephew Jeremy was scheduled to take mom to see dad. Mom said they'd wait til I got there.

My brother gave me simple directions, written down.I barely left his place before my first wrong turn. Called me brother and quickly learned I had gone right when I should have gone left. Soon I was on track. And then right when I was exiting one freeway to another, that being I-10, Jeremy called. That momentary distraction caused me to somehow get on the wrong road. After several miles I realized I was seeing South Mountain where I should not be seeing it.

About then Jeremy called to ask what was keeping me. Grandma was getting anxious. Eventually I was able to tell Jeremy I was on Pecos heading east, that I could see the Wild Horse Casino, which I knew was next to I-10.

A few minutes later I was on the freeway, heading south, and then getting to Riggs Road, which takes me to Sun Lakes and my mom and Jeremy.

A few minutes later I found myself chauferring mom to dad.

The day currently is Sunday. It was two days ago, on Friday, I first took mom to where dad is. Somehow that seems much longer ago.

The location where I finally found myself an Internet connection is my sister's, in Chandler.

It will be good to be back in Texas. I do not know, yet, when that will be happening.

One thing I have noticed and made note of, and have done so every time I am in the Phoenix metro zone, is that the towns which make up the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, particularly Fort Worth, should send a task force to Phoenix to see how nice it looks when towns pay attention to landscaping their roads. And building actual imaginative bridges one might describe as signature. Again, I am referring to Fort Worth regarding the signature bridge thing. Dallas has a couple actual signature bridges.

If Phoenix is too far to send that task force, Albuquerque also provides good examples of what can be done in the civic beautifying department...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spencer Jack Was Not Home Yesterday If I Knocked On His Door

Last night I had myself an extremely rare bout of insomnia. I went horizontal early due to the day having been a long one. I quickly passed out, but at some point in time in the middle of the night I began to relentlessly toss and turn. I have no idea how long the tossing and turning lasted.

I think the insomnia may have been caused by yesterday's warning signs that I may be heading west into a maelstrom of madness from which I will quickly seek relief.

On that note this morning's email found one from Spencer Jack and his dad, my favorite nephew Jason....


We heard a rumor that you were traveling thousands of miles to visit relatives. If you knocked on our door today to visit, we weren't home.

Spencer Jack took me sailing this afternoon. He chose Friday Harbor to escape the extreme PNW heat wave.The air was pleasantly air conditioned there.

Anyway, if we missed you, try again some other time. Your dad always use to tell me, "Stop by anytime, 'we are always home,' unless we are gone!" 

Hope to see you soon!

A heat wave in the PNW? The temperature much have reached a high in the 70s for a couple days in a row. Friday Harbor, to which Jason refers, is the big city on San Juan Island. Friday Harbor is the last destination one comes to when one takes one of the Anacortes ferries to the San Juan Islands.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Visiting My Neighborhood Caribbean Libertines Before Playing A Hot Arizona Pickle Ball

Due to too many days lately of precipitation precipitating precipitously I had not had myself much outdoor endorphin inducing aerobic activity.

Til today.

I opted to push my way through the wet wool blanket of hot humidity and make my way to my cool Caribbean neighborhood.

I entered the Caribbean today via Haiti. Soon I headed south via Barbados, where I have frequently admired the artwork you see here, at the southeast intersection of Haiti and Barbados.

Those Haitian Barbados natives are quite the free spirited libertines.

Soon I decided the Caribbean was providing me way too much aerobic stimulation so I head back to the Circle Trail where I soon saw the big lonely tree you see here.

I doubt you can see the one big white bloom on the above tree. It is blooming on the upper right part of the tree, with its whiteness blotted out by a cloud. That one big white bloom indicated to me that this is a Magnolia tree. My mom used to call these Tulip trees. We had a Tulip tree in our backyard in Burlington, Washington, til one day it died due to a failed plumbing pipeline.

I should be seeing my mom in a couple days, sometime late Thursday afternoon. I may remember to ask about that long ago backyard Tulip tree. But my mom tends to forget stuff. I do absolutely need to ask my mom about something which has long vexed me, which I always forget to ask about. As in how did mom make her way across the country, all the way to New York City, to meet my dad who was returning from France, where he'd been stationed whilst in the Army. I know my mom did not fly to NYC. I can't picture my mom traveling alone across the country via bus or train.

After mom met dad in NYC they toured the town, then bought a car, which they then used to take a long tour of the country on a slow trip back to Washington. Mom and dad sort of repeated that trek the year my dad retired.

Continuing on on the Circle Trail I soon saw a result of the past few day's deluges.

Holliday Creek in Holliday Gorge turned into a roaring rapids, with an egret hoping to do some successful fishing.

Holliday Creek is the creek which got dammed long ago to create Lake Wichita.

I am bringing my laptop along with me to see my mom and dad. I do not know how much Internet connectivity I will be having. So, I may be not quite as connected, as is my norm, for the next couple weeks. I also learned today that I will likely be engaging in something called Pickle Ball. An activity conducted outdoors in the extreme Arizona heat.

It is probably healthy to get disconnected every once in awhile, but maybe not whilst one is extremely hot...

Sunday, June 4, 2017

First Sunday Of June Drenching Downpour

Heading home from an early Sunday jaunt to Walmart I suddenly found myself driving slow through a downpour.

The windshield wipers were taxed to the max trying to clear the window.

I soon got ahead of the downpour, heading west on Southwest Boulevard. Took a dry right on Taft Boulevard, then another dry right to my covered parking zone.

Just as I turned the engine off the downpour caught up with me. I waited ten or fifteen minutes til the downpour seemed to be pouring down less and then I made a run for it. Through what amounts to a flooded moat.

This week I am heading west on the longest roadtrip I have tripped on since 2001. I am a bit apprehensive about this. I would prefer the driving to not involve any calamitous weather of any sort...

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Dark Stormy 2nd Day Of June In Wichita Falls

The photo documentation which you see here does not adequately document the fact that this second day of June of 2017, so far, is a rip roaring boomer, with rain in downpour mode.

Currently there is no wind blowing and no tornado sirens screaming.

In the view you see here you are looking north through downpouring raindrops, with the swimming pool visible through the jungle of foliage.

The lightning strikes are getting closer and the followup booms are getting louder. I probably should shut my windows, but I rather like the sound, and with no wind blowing the rain is not able to make its way to my interior space.

I just texted Miss Puerto Rico to ask if she is booming and flooding in the D/FW zone. So far no reply.

Earlier today I heard from another D/FW resident, whom I shall not name, for obvious reasons. Suffice to say this resident's initials are EH. Apparently EH has a new goal of becoming independently wealthy. Finding someone like Trump, who is in need of a new trophy wife, was discussed, with the idea discounted. Well, the Trump-like part of the idea.

Unless I want to risk getting struck by a lightning strike I don't think I will be going singing in the rain today. Not even under a bumbershoot.

Bumbershoots are lightning attractants when one is out in the open in a flat zone.

Maybe if the booming stops I will go on an under bumbershoot cover walk in the rain. This would be doable as long as the electrical activity ceases and the wind does not begin to blow....

Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Day Of 2017's June Possibly Thunderstorming

The first day of June of the year 2017 looks to be potentially stormy, in more ways than one, at my current North Texas location in Wichita Falls.

Thunderstorms, possibly severe, are on the weather menu for today.

Whilst walking on the Circle Trail, from whence I took the photo you see here, I thought I detected an incoming drop or two.

I shall shut up now. Basically this particularly blogging effort is a test testing if my new computer is going to continue vexing me.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tacoma Mountain Biking With Nephew Theo

On this final day of the 2017 version of May, what we see here is my nephew Theo mountain biking on the rugged trails of Tacoma.

If my calculations are correct Theo is currently *four years old.

*UPDATE: Theo's Aunt Jackie informs me that Theo is now six years old.

I had barely learned to walk by the time I was four.

I do not remember when I got my first bike, but I know it was a few years past four.

When I was four we lived in Mount Vernon, across the street from what is now Skagit Valley College, under construction at that point in time.

Being four in Mount Vernon would seem to indicate I learned to ride a bike after we moved a couple miles north, to Burlington.

My most vivid memory of riding a bike in Burlington was my little brother (Spencer Jack's grandpa) and me pushing our bikes to the summit of Burlington Hill and then coasting down at high speed with the high speed descent halted by a duo spectacular bike wreck in loose gravel which left us a bit bloodied.

Apparently now I have two nephews to go mountain biking with. Theo and Joey.

Below you get to watch full action video of Theo mountain biking. Theo's brother, David, and sister Ruby, make cameo appearances....

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lake Wichita Memorial Day With Big Brother & Long-Nosed Gars

 Last week I read 1984, you know, that dystonian novel by George Orwell that sort of missed its future foretelling mark when 1984 became the actual year, with 1984 not being quite as bleak in reality as Orwell foresaw it being.

And then over three decades after 1984 George Orwell's book was back being a book store best seller, along with borrowing waiting lists in libraries across America, and other parts of the world where the literate found themselves appalled to find the American president to be an Orwellian nightmare of doublespeak, doublethink and totally doubleplusungood.

The last couple days I have been having myself some computer aggravation. Every time I think I have solved the problem I find I am erroneous.

Feeling I had reached some sort of computer plateau I decided to take a break and join the throngs of Memorial Day memorializers at Lake Wichita for some sun time whilst enjoying the cooling breeze blowing from the lake.

I was not long at Lake Wichita, atop Lake Wichita Dam, when I saw that which you see above, which is the reason I mentioned 1984, because when I saw that which you see above I thought to myself it looked like what a 2017 version of 1984's Big Brother might look like.

Soon after seeing the Lake  Wichita Big Brother I saw the bucolic scene you see below.

These fisher people are fishing near the ruins of the Lake Wichita Pavilion.  All which remains of the pavilion, which succumbed  to fire in the 1950s,  are the wood pilings you see the fishing pole pointing towards.

As you can see there are also non-fisher people wandering about under the watchful eye of the Lake Wichita Big Brother.

Another view of the Lake Wichita floating dock. That dock looks nice and stable today, but if one visits it on a windy day, when whitecaps wave across the lake, the ride on this floating dock can be sea sickness inducing. The last time I was on this dock when it was in rocking mode it reminded me of being on the Port Townsend/Keystone Ferry ferrying from the Olympic Peninsula to Whidbey Island during a stormy tidal change, with the ferry rocking so much walking was extremely difficult.

As you can see fishing and walking was not the only activity at Lake Wichita this Memorial Day. The people you see here are on the Circle Trail  on top of Lake Wichita Dam, heading north away from the Lake Wichita Big Brother.

Okay, I have mentioned the Lake Wichita Big Brother a couple times. Now let's see what it is this Big Brother is looking out from.

A fishy sign. Can you find Big Brother?

This Fish of Lake Wichita sign identifies all the fish which live, or try to, in this lake.

I have never seen anyone swimming in Lake Wichita. I know in the past, long ago, swimming in this lake was a popular summer thing to do. A streetcar system delivered  people to the lake. Long ago Lake Wichita was a popular resort-like destination, with multiple attractions in addition to fishing and swimming.

There is an ongoing attempt to revive Lake Wichita and restore it to some semblance of its former glory.

Methinks this effort should be accelerated.

I have seen the Lake Wichita Revitalization plans. If those plans come to fruition it will be a real good thing.  I do not understand why there is not a more vigorous effort to bring about this lake's revitalization. I've heard other towns in America fund such developments by having its citizens approve of some sort of funding  mechanism, rather than rely on car washes and selling memorial bricks to raise money.

If Lake Wichita does get revitalized and swimming again becomes doable I sort of would like to know a couple of those Fish of Lake Wichita are no longer in the lake. Like the long-nosed gars. Or the channel catfish. The other Fish of Lake Wichita look harmless.

I have never liked fish with whiskers. Or long sharp pointy noses...

Saturday, May 27, 2017

North Texas 100 Degrees HOT First Time In 2017

The outer world has heated up to the century mark for the first time this year at my location on the planet.

With about an hour to go to get hotter, before the sun does its daily retreat, we may still hit the predicted high of 101, or higher.

My air conditioner turned itself on several hours before noon today. At that point in time I had not been outside and so did not know a heat wave had arrived.

Meanwhile up north, well, up northwest, at my old home location of Western Washington, the locals are sweltering with a heat wave of their own type.

Temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.

The Washington hot hell on earth has sent throngs of Washingtonians, by the thousands, west to the Pacific coast beaches, such as Ocean Shores,

I learned of the Washington heat wave earlier today via Sampson and Deliah's Facebook report about joining the thousands trying to get cool via being near the Pacific Ocean in the Ocean Shores zone.

This is not a picture of Ocean Shores you are looking at below.

An hour before noon I ventured out into the heat, to the Circle Trail, for a period of short duration. What you are looking at above is what a 100 degree day looks like in the North Texas burg of Wichita Falls, looking east across Holliday Creek Canyon.

There is no ocean a short drive distant to escape to to beat the heat at my current location. There are a couple lakes. None of which has an ocean type beach. Or big waves. Or whales and seals. Or clams to dig.

I have seen seagulls though...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dallas Settles Legal Pipeline Fight With Imaginary Bogeyman Monty Bennett

Shocking news, shocking I tell you, today in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Dallas settles legal fight with Monty Bennett over East Texas pipeline

Didn't Dallas get the memo that Monty Bennett is a notorious evil bogeyman hotel magnate who owns downtown Fort Worth's Hilton and Ashton  hotels?

For years the Dallas partner in water acquisition, Fort Worth's Tarrant Regional Water District, has fought the imaginary Dallas bogeyman who the TRWD scared voters with shameless propaganda spewed claiming Monty Bennett was wanting to steal Fort Worth's water.

When what Monty Bennett was actually doing was trying to convince the TRWD and its Dallas water partner, not to install a pipeline across his East Texas ranch.

God forbid someone in Texas is protective of their property and uses whatever resources are at their disposal to do so.

The Dallas City Council approved settling their fight with Monty Bennett, with one Dallas Councilwoman, Sandy Greyson objecting, opinionizing "it’s just infuriating that if you are rich enough, you can hold the city hostage for years and then get what you want. There’s something really wrong with that.

Imagine that. If one has the resources one can fight, successfully, to prevent someone from impacting their property.

Usually this is a hopeless battle in the eminent  domain abuse capital of the world.

We have blogged about Tarrant County's chronic eminent domain abuse dozens of times.

Such as in a blogging from a couple months ago about The Fort Worth Way With RICO Racketeering in which we heard from one of Fort Worth's victims of eminent domain abuse, with that instance of abuse executed by what is now known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, which took this victim's business in ordter to dig a ditch and a bridge over the ditch, neither of which has been dug or built, long after this victim's property was bulldozed.

Bulldozed before the victim, unlike Monty Bennett, had had his day in a legitimate court system of the sort which does not exist in the eminent domain abuse capital of the world. Hence the taking and destruction of property before a legal settlement had been reached.

So, I don't understand how or why Dallas Councilwoman Greyson finds it infuriating that someone has the legal resources to protect his property from something he did not want to see happen to his property.

To do so, such as Monty Bennett did, is pretty much what used to be known as the American Way, where the courts protected citizen's property from seizure unless a clear case could be made that such a seizure was in the public's interest, with no alternative to the seizure, such as re-routing a pipeline.

To take a person's property, with that person having no legal recourse, other than trying to fight the seizure in a Kangaroo Court, well, that is how the Soviet Union used to operate.

Operating like the Soviet Union used to operate is not the American Way.

Sadly though, operating like the Soviet Union used to operate is, in many ways, is the Fort Worth Way...

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Throw Back Thursday All The Way To Newborn Baby Spencer Jack

Today is Thursday. The final day of this sort in the May month of 2017.

It being Thursday, this particular day has also become known as Throwback Thursday, known as such for reasons, and by whose instigation, I do not know.

Is this Throwback Thursday thing a Facebook invention? It is on Facebook I first saw and continue to see Throwback Thursday photos.

This Throwback Thursday thing came to mind this particular Thursday when I was scrolling through photos and came upon the photo you see here.

I believe that is Spencer Jack I am holding, or appearing to hold. This would seem to indicate this photo is about ten years old.

Holding a baby when the baby is in newborn mode has always made me nervous. Such a tiny, delicate little bundle of joy.

Being the eldest of four siblings, I do not remember siblings number one and two whilst they were in newborn infant mode. I do clearly remember siblings three and four in newborn infant mode.

Sibling three is my little sister, Jackie, now the mother of Christopher and Jeremy. I do not remember Christopher in newborn infant mode. I do remember Jeremy in that mode because I was in the building when he was born and was sent out to buy bottles of celebratory champagne to lubricate the party which ensued in the fun hospital in which Jeremy was born in Everett, Washington.

Sibling four is my extra little sister, Michele, now the mother of David, and the twins, Theo and Ruby. I was not present for the birth of any of these three, nor did I see any of them in infant newborn mode.

I do not remember where I was when Spencer Jack's dad was born. Spencer Jack's dad is my sibling number two's eldest son, Jason. I think I met Jason soon after he was born, but not whilst he was in the hospital. However, I do remember driving from Bellingham to United General Hospital, located between Burlington and Sedro-Woolley, to see newborn nephew, Joey, for the first time. I do not remember if I got to hold Joey whilst he was in the hospital.

 I wonder when next I will be blessed with holding a newborn bundle of joy, if ever? I am almost 100% certain such a thing will not be happening on this particular last Thursday of May....

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dallas/Fort Worth Traffic Nightmare Drive By The Infamous House Of Horrors

Today was the day of my almost regular monthly return to the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metro Mess.

Until today this monthly return habit had not seen any traffic woe that was too woeful.

All went well on the way into D/FW this morning. Traffic was stalled on I-35 south, but that did not impact my movement due to quickly exiting I-35 south after its juncture with 287 and that juncture  having a convenient exit only lane which leads to Western Center Boulevard, and no traffic problems.

Eventually I made my way to Hurst where I was scheduled to drop of an item, then continue south to Arlington. In Arlington I went to Chinatown, to Saigon Cho Market, then headed back north, stopping at the world's only Walmart which also serves as a shrine to football  and baseball, with multiple footballs and  baseballs stuck all over the Walmart structures.

This particular Walmart  is due north of the gigantic monument to futuristic spaceships, also known as the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, or AT & T Stadium, because that phone company paid a chunk of money to tackily stick its name on the stadium which the people of Arlington largely paid for, in more ways than one.

This Walmart is due west of the place where the Texas Rangers play baseball. I do not remember what that Ballpark is currently called. The name seems to change frequently. When I first saw this Ballpark and attended part of a baseball game there, watching the Seattle Mariners get beat by the Rangers, the Ballpark was called the Ballpark in Arlington. This seemed, to me, to be a good name. But that name did not stick.

The former Ballpark in Arlington is about to be replaced by a shiny new ballpark.  I hope this shiny new ballpark does not take its design aesthetic from the nearby football stadium.

Eventually I headed back north, to pick up something I'd left in Hurst, then headed to East Fort Worth to visit a bank, then to Haltom City to visit a building under construction. After a short stop at Winco in North Richland Hills it was time to aim my steering wheel back towards Wichita Falls.

And that is when the traffic woes took over. My usual problem free route is to go west on Western Center Boulevard, then take a right on the I-35 north frontage road, then soon painlessly enter 287 and sail free and easy back northwest to Wichita Falls.

But, today the entry to 287 was not working. This soon had me in a long line trying to take a left on to Tarrant Parkway, to head west to 287. Except that traffic was moving turtle slow due to the dud of a roundabout about a mile distant, where Harmon Road intersects with the entry to 287.

I escaped that nightmare by driving through a mall's parking lot, eventually getting to Harmon Road. I knew Harmon Road. When I moved to Texas it was to a little ranch on what was then Hicks Road, now named Bonds Ranch Road. Harmon Road intersects with Bonds Ranch Road.

Which would have worked great except for the fact that hundreds upon hundreds of vehicles were trying  to go the same route, trying to escape the previous traffic jam.

When I finally turned on to Bonds Ranch Road I saw the traffic was backed up all the way to 287. I was now in an area I was familiar with, so I knew the backroads. But, the backroad that I needed to take took me by that aforementioned little ranch I originally lived at when I moved to Texas. A location I long ago vowed to never return to, a place which those who experienced it now refer to as the House of Horrors.

So, I took a right right by the east pasture of the House of Horrors, eventually made my way to Avon-Haslet Road and then to 287 for a traffic jam free remainder of the drive home.

Before my next visit to D/FW I must figure out an alternative to that which I experienced today...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Does Something In The Water Stupify Too Many Fort Worth Voters?

Way back last year, on October 18, I blogged about what was supposedly the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history.

One of the instances of alleged election fraud was the allegedly fraudulent re-election of TRWD Board Directors, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, beneficiaries of a statistically impossible number of absentee ballots.

Jim Lane and Marty Leonard are what are known as insiders, part of the Fort Worth Political Machine which runs Fort Worth in what is known as the Fort Worth Way.

Fort Worth's Political Machine is not well known, unlike other town's political machines, such as the Chicago Political Machine, the corrupt shenanigans of which sort of ebbs and flows. I do not know if currently a Daley family member is in charge of the Chicago Machine.

One of the all time most famous political machines was known as Tammany Hall. Tammany Hall, in its heyday, controlled New York, both the city and the state.

Another famous political machine was the one run by Huey Long in Louisiana.

I do not know who is the head of the Fort Worth Political Machine.

Is it Kay Granger?

Fort Worth's Political Machine is a rather low rent version of the genre, so Kay Granger being its Godmother would seem likely. One piece of evidence pointing to Kay Granger as the Fort Worth Machine's Godmother is when Betsy Price was asked why she was running to be Fort Worth's Mayor, Betsy infamously replied, "Because Kay asked me to..."

Another piece of evidence pointing to Kay Granger being the Fort Worth Political Machine's boss is she was able to finagle getting her son, J.D., the job of running a Fort Worth public works project for which he had zero qualifications.

J.D. was given that job with the quid pro quo being J.D.'s mom would then finagle federal money to funnel to J.D.'s public works project, known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, which, after many many years of J.D.'s inept mis-management, has evolved into being known as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Currently stuck for well over a year trying to figure out how to build three simple bridges over dry land to connect Fort Worth's  mainland to an imaginary island.

The Fort Worth Political Machine came to mind today when I noticed a blog comment I had not noticed previously, and on which I had not hit the publish button til today. This comment was from someone with the odd lower case name of moncorpl....

moncorp1 has left a new comment on your post "Evidence Corrupt Tarrant County Political Machine Steals Elections":

Kelleher was no saint either. She was in the hip pocket of Marty Bennett of Dallas. 

Mary Kelleher is the former TRWD Board Director who beat the Fort Worth Political Machine, to become a TRWD Board Director two TRWD Board elections ago.

Mary Kelleher getting elected was a threatening anomaly the Fort Worth Political Machine could not let happen again, allowing some upstart to beat the Fort Worth Political Machine's chosen candidates.

And so, in the TRWD Board Election two years after Mary Kelleher's upset win, the Fort Worth Political Machine went into overdrive, spending a ridiculous amount of money spewing out a ridiculous volume of propaganda misinformation attacking the non Fort Worth Machine candidates, Craig Bickley and Miki Von Luckner, accusing the pair of upstarts of being  tools of an evil Dallas bogeyman who the Fort Worth Political Machine propagandized was trying to take control of Fort Worth's water.

Yes, I realize you reading this in other parts of America are thinking to yourself are Fort Worth voters actually this stupid that they would fall for such a ridiculous imaginary bogeyman ploy.

Well, the sad truth is they are that easily duped. That and not enough voters vote.

Or are allowed to vote in the TRWD Board Elections.

And the Fort Worth Political Machine will to go to absurdly extreme measures, in addition to propaganda lies, to insure their desired outcome, hence the biggest Election Fraud Investigation in Texas history, triggered by that aforementioned statistically impossible number of absentee ballots which re-elected Jim Lane and Marty Leonard.

Because Fort Worth is run by a corrupt Political Machine, in the ensuing two plus years since their bogus re-election there have been no demands that Jim Lane and Marty Leonard resign from their ill gotten TRWD board seats.

Because that is not the Fort Worth Way. That and until an intervening out of town political force intervenes, the Fort Worth Political Machine is in full corrupt control.

Back to that comment from moncorpl. Such a comment is indicative of the insidiousness of the Fort Worth Political Machine's manipulation of easily duped sheep. Moncorpl apparently bought into the propaganda that Mary Kelleher was a bad person, somehow under the control of that imaginary Dallas bogeyman out to steal Fort Worth's water, Monty Bennett.

Yes, moncorpl, it's Monty, not Marty. One would have thought the reams of propaganda spewed by the Fort Worth Political Machine would have correctly implanted Monty into moncorpl's memory.

In the most recent TRWD Board Election the Fort Worth Political Machine did not dare to use the same tactic which re-elected Jim Lane and Marty Leonard. In this most recent TRWD Board Election we saw a HUGE drop in the number of absentee ballots, yet there was still an inexplicable anomaly.

Moncorpl fell for the propaganda that Mary Kelleher was in Monty Bennett's hip pocket.

Mary Kelleher's campaign received, from Bennett, what amounted to a small pittance, compared to the thousands of dollars the Fort Worth Political Machine received from Dallas donors to pay for the propaganda which led to Mary Kelleher's defeat and the election of the Fort Worth Political Machine's candidates, Jack Stevens, James Hill and Leah King, giving the Fort Worth Machine total control of the TRWD Board.

I am always an optimist. I think the days of the Fort Worth Political Machine's corruption are near their end, that the Fort Worth Way will soon be going the way of Tammany Hall and Huey Long.

I am always an optimist. But I am also frequently disappointed....

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Fresh Air Wichita Falls Caribbean Bedrock Walk With Flintstones

On this mighty fine next to last Sunday of May I decided to imbibe in enjoying the freshly cleaned atmosphere which is hovering about at my location on the planet.

In the past couple days that aforementioned atmosphere  has been washed and blown clean of airborne pollutants, such as pollen.

With multiple strikes of lightning providing further cleanup via shocking the air with multiple zaps of negative ions.

To benefit from those negative ions I opted to head north to the Caribbean on my neighborhood Circle Trail. At the point where I took the above picture we are looking north across bedrock at a Flintstone car following a Weeks Park course on the east side of Holliday Creek.

I ambled along the Circle Trail til I got to Haiti, then headed west on Haiti til I got to Barbados, then headed back south to my abode.

I am now feeling fully benefited by the extreme dose of negative ions and super clean air.

I do not miss the air I used to breathe in what local savant, Don Young, years ago, nicknamed Dirty Town. I no longer suffer the allergy woes I suffered whilst breathing that dirty air in Dirty Town.

I am currently scheduled to return to the D/FW zone on Wednesday. Part of that return will be a short time in East Dirty Town, a short time I hope to make sure is short enough so as not to activate those currently dormant  allergies....

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday At Dry Lake Wichita Falls Not Catching Crappie Catfish

Rain in copious amounts fell on my location  the past couple days, in amounts so copious at times I was pretty much surrounded by a moat.

I figured what with all that copious rain Lake Wichita would be in full pool mode with water spilling over the Lake Wichita Dam spillway in amounts so copious that a virtual Niagara-like roaring falls would be seen and heard today.

I figured wrong.

The lake needs to raise another foot, or so, before it even gets close to trickling over the dam.

Copious amounts of rain apparently selectively downpoured during the recent storms, with some areas apparently avoiding getting drenched, hence the dry Lake Wichita Dam falls.

I sure like that copious word.

What with the respite from lightning strikes, and some areas getting way too wet, a lot of people were at Lake Wichita Dam on this fine Saturday in May, enjoying the near perfect temperature, and the outer world  being dry.

The  Lake Wichita floating fishing dock had a lot of fishermen and fisherwomen fishing today. Along with more fishers fishing from the shore.

It has been awhile since I have climbed  to the summit of Mount Wichita, that volcano looking mound you see on the opposite side of the lake. I did not see any mountain climbers climbing the mountain today. Usually from today's vantage point I do see mountain climbers. I suspect that those aforementioned copious amounts of rain must have targeted the area's only mountain, rendering it too muddy for climbing.

A closer look at the fishing line casters.  I have frequently seen people fishing at this location. I have never seen anyone catch a fish.

I have never been a fan of fishing. I have long been a fan of eating fish. But not the type fish which call Lake Wichita home. Fish like catfish. And crappie. Who would want to eat a fish called crappie?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Relative Arizona Check From Spencer Jack's Dad

Yesterday I mentioned my Favorite Nephew Jason took a Look At A Snowy Mountain On Way To Check Aging Arizona Relatives.

Today I got a report on Jason's aging Arizona relatives check...

Photo after your dad's daily morning physical therapy session. Not photographed, by choice, is your mother, who arrived via middle sister taxi. The taxi driver is also not pictured, as she is the photographer.

We left shortly after noon when your dad's pot roast lunch arrived, and your mother insisted he eat the food while it was hot.

I most likely will check back in again tomorrow to see the pair.

I have been informed that your younger sister is arriving this afternoon.

Overall, your Pa seems to be where he needs to be, and appears to be in excellent care.

A few minutes ago I blogged about a Call From Rabbi Linda. In that blogging I did not mention the first thing Rabbi Linda asked me about, before asking about today's storm, was to ask how my dad was doing. I told Rabbi Linda I'd received a photo documented  report from Jason, which I might get around to blogging about later.

Later is, apparently, now.

Call From Rabbi Linda Calmed Today's Texas Storm For A Few Minutes

Sometime near the noon time frame my phone rang with an incoming call from my favorite Rabbi, Miss Linda Ann.

Soon upon establishing our phone connection Rabbi Linda asked if the storm was being real bad.

How could Rabbi Linda know I am being pummeled by lightning strikes and balls of hail, I thought to myself, and then asked Rabbi Linda if our storm was on the news.

No, was the reply from Rabbi Linda, I read about it on your blog.


I'd forgotten I'd made mention of today's hellacious storm this morning regarding Wichita Falls Rocking & Rolling With Icy Striking Lightning Booms.

When Rabbi Linda called today's storm was at its worst, up to that point. Bolts of lightning bolting near and far, left and right. Loud booms. Off and on downpours.

And then during the course of talking to my favorite Rabbi the storm seemed to abate, significantly ratcheting down, almost calm, but with the sky still dark and threatening.

But, I was not soon off the phone with Rabbi Linda when the storm amped up again with the return of lightning bolts and the heaviest downpour, so far, in this storm.

Coming up on the late afternoon part of the day the rain ceased, at least for awhile.  I decided to try and make my way through the flood to see if Holliday Creek was in raging torrent mode.

I sort of expected to hear the roaring of rapids. But when Holliday Creek came into view I could see it was moving more water than the norm, but nowhere near being in Colorado River rampaging through Grand Canyon mode.

In the photo above you are looking north at a menacing sky hovering above the aforementioned, less sedate than normal, Holliday Creek.

To the west I am currently seeing a dark wall of clouds. I suspect that wall will be bringing the next storm wave. So far, I have heard no tornado sirens...

Wichita Falls Rock & Roll With Icy Striking Lightning Booms

What you are looking at here is the stormy Friday May morning view north via one of my living room windows.

Yesterday, by the time the sun exited, Mother Nature started up with one of her light shows, along loud sound effects and water and ice displays.

She calmed down a bit after a few hours, and remained calm until the sun decided to return this morning.

And now lightning bolts are striking in any direction I look. One just flashed and momentarily blinded me, followed by an earthquake-like shaking roll of thunder.

The wind is whistling, pounding rain against the windows, along with what sounds like occasional small pellets of hail.

So far I have heard no tornado sirens.

I suspect I will not be venturing outside today, unless, maybe, via a quick dash to a vehicular interior under cover of an umbrella....

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Look At A Snowy Mountain On Way To Check Aging Arizona Relatives

You are looking out a window here at something I do not see out of any of the windows I look out of at my current location.

The closest such thing to my current location is Mount Wichita, about 3 miles to my southwest.

So, what is this fluffy mound of white we are looking at here?

The text accompanying the photo is explanatory...

Attached photos taken this evening of a snowy Mount Rainier and Glen Canyon Dam with Lake Powell in the distance. I am currently in the Phoenix zone for a couple nights. Tomorrow's plans may include a welfare check on aging relatives who reside in Arizona year round.

The emailed photos are from Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew, Jason.

The last time I saw Mount Rainier out of a window was way back in 2008, on July 20 and August 20 of that year, coming and going from the Puget Sound zone. Since my last look at Mount Rainier was in summer, it was not quite as white as Jason's view from yesterday.

If I remember right the last time I saw Lake Powell was in October of 1997. The last time I saw Glen Canyon Dam and the section of Lake Powell we see in Jason's photo was back in October of 1994, which was the first time I Houseboated on Lake Powell, from much further east, launching from Bullfrog Basin, floating as far west as Rainbow Bridge, before careening down the Moki Dugway on the way to the San Juan Inn in Mexican Hat and Monument Valley.

The aging Arizona relatives who live in Arizona year round, on whom Jason may do a welfare check, would be Spencer Jack's grandpa, who is also Jason's dad, and my brother, plus Spencer Jack's great grandma and grandpa, who also are Jason's grandma and grandpa and my mom and dad.

I assume Jason conveniently flew south from Bellingham International Airport. This airport has full sized commercial jets operated by entities such as Alaskan Airlines flying out of town. Bellingham is about 30 miles north of Mount Vernon.

Bellingham is a smaller town than the Texas town I currently live in. Bellingham is way closer to Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, Washington than Wichita Falls is to Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City or Amarilla.

But, Wichita Falls does not have an International Airport with full sized commercial jets operated by entities like Alaskan Airlines. Not even Texas-based Southwest Airlines operates out of this town.

This town's lack of a real airport perplexes me. When I moved here such a primitive possibility did not occur to me. American Airlines is the only commercial airline way out of this town. And that is via an American Airlines off shoot called American Eagle, which flies you to D/FW International Airport, where you then get on an American Airlines plane to get to where you want to go.

I am eagerly awaiting Jason's report on the welfare check on his aging relatives...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Midnight Thunderstorm Followed By Texas Flintstones This Morning

Last night, at some point around the midnight time frame, bright flashes of light began to disturb my peaceful slumber.

Thinking the bright flashes of light might be an un-predicted thunderstorm I removed the earplugs which I use to block any annoying noises and soon heard booms of thunder rolling in from the distance.

Ironically I do not like unwanted annoying noises, yet I find the sounds of a storm to be soothing.

Soon I was soothed by thunder booming quite close to home, along with rain pounding my windows, with hail in the mix. And then the wind arrived.

I anticipated hearing the tornado sirens, but that sound did not join the cacophony.

I do not know how long last night's storm lasted. I must have passed out during the storm, hence not knowing how long it lasted. By morning a totally blue sky had arrived and the only reminder of last night's storm was puddles of water. That and my patio furniture was still wet when I sat outside to enjoy my morning coffee libation.

About 12 hours after the arrival of last night's storm I left my abode to inspect the damage and to see if Holliday Creek had been turned into a raging torrent.

Upon Holliday Creek coming into view I quickly saw the water was not moving in raging torrent mode. Looking to the east side of the Holliday Creek Gorge I saw that which you see above.

What looked to be vehicles of the Flintstone sort motoring on the expanse of green grass which extends for what seems to be miles on the side of Holliday Creek opposite the Wichita Falls Circle Trail. The Flintstone cars motor for a short distance and then the Fred and Barneys driving the Flintstone cars stop, get out of their cars, swing a stick, and then start driving again. It seems to be a primitive stone age type behavior to my modern era eyes.

Last night's wicked storm was not predicted. However severe storms are on the prediction menu for the next several days.  More often than not the predicted storms do not seem to arrive as predicted at my current location.

I suspect that will not be the case this time, so I am prepared to batten down the hatches on a moment's, or a  tornado siren's, notice....                    

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Anonymous TRWD Voting Revelations Outside Fort Worth's Narrow Confines

A few days ago I mentioned being surprised to learn that I was among the few allowed to vote in a TRWD Board of Directors Election because I was a Stakeholding TRWD Founder.

I learned this via a Facebook posting where multiple people verbalized their puzzlement regarding being a Tarrant County voter, yet not allowed to vote in a Tarrant Regional Water District Board of Directors Election.

I blogged about this puzzlement which then had someone with the extremely common name of Anonymous making a perplexing comment....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Apparently I Got To Vote Because I Am A Stakeholding TRWD Founder":

You write--; "It seems outrageous, and wrong, to me, that all the Texans affected by the TRWD are not included in who votes for the TRWD. Such as people who live in Haltom City..."

Here's a link to the most recent election for members to the TRWD board of directors. It lists 130 election precincts with early voting at 51 of them as well as voting by mail. On page 21 it lists polling location #32 in >>Haltom City.<< Other polling places far outside the confines of FW (Keller, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Euless, Watauga....even Westlake (Alliance Airport area).

Can you explain why these polling places exist if the people there are denied the right to vote? What am I missing? 

The link to which Anonymous refers goes to a long Full Legal Notice of Election PDF, signed off by ex-TRWD President, Vic W. Henderson and TRWD Secretary, Martha V. Leonard.

I had no idea that elected TRWD Board Director, Marty Leonard, was also a TRWD Secretary. No wonder she finagled with Jim Lane to secure thousands of bogus absentee ballots to ensure she kept her secretary job.

As for the question from Anonymous. I am assuming that this document Anon ymous cited is listing all the voting precincts in Tarrant County, as in all the voting precincts. I could not make it through all 21 pages but I did look closely at page 21, to which Anonymous referred. That page appears to be listing Early Voting locations for Tarrant County.

It has been a rather large big issue that the voters of Haltom City do not get to vote on who sits on the TRWD Board, with Haltom City voters annoyed at this exclusion because their town has seen dire consequences resulting from inept TRWD mismanagement of deadly Haltom City flood control issues.

Let's ask a question of two of Haltom City's most vocal critics of the TRWD's shenanigans, Elsie Hotpepper and Layla Caraway. Why did you ladies not know that all along you could have been voting in the TRWD Board Elections, even though you are registered to vote in Haltom City?

Let's ask former TRWD Board Director, Mary Kelleher, if she knew she could have done some campaigning for votes in Haltom City, Keller, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Euless, Watauga....and even the Westlake (Alliance Airport area)?