Thursday, December 29, 2016

Spencer Jack's Grandpa's Million Dollar Christmas

Yesterday my phone made its incoming text message noise whilst I was in Arlington's River Legacy Park.

The message was from Spencer Jack's grandpa, also known as my little brother, Jake.

I was unable to open and read the message, with the phone telling me something about a network error.

This morning I remembered to text my little brother mentioning the message with the network error and my inability to see or read the message.

A few minutes later that which you see above arrived on my phone. I assume this is that which generated the network error message, though that was not made clear.

When I got the image off the phone I saw that it was Spencer Jack's Christmas present for his grandpa. A Gift Certificate for One Million Dollars redeemable at the Fidalgo-Drive In in the Washington port city of Anacortes.

I have mentioned the Fidalgo Drive-In multiple times on this blog, and in a more detailed way on my Washington blog, in bloggings such as...

The Fidalgo Drive-In Has The Best Hamburger In Anacortes and Spencer Jack & Your Hometown Fidalgo Drive-In Family Restaurant in Anacortes Washington and Spencer Jack's Fidalgo Drive-In Hamburger Voted Best in Anacortes.

I copied and pasted the two above paragraphs from the latest blogging in which I mentioned the Fidalgo-Drive-In, with that blogging titled Text From Linda Leads To Fidalgo Drive-In Root Beer Float

Regarding Spencer Jack's Million Dollar Gift Certificate, I was unable to legibly make out much of that which was in the card Spencer Jack made for his grandpa.

Near as I can tell part of the card said....

Merry Christmas,

I hope Santa didn't mix up your present from me like he did with my dad.

Love Spencer

I may have gotten the gist of that totally wrong. I ran the image through every photo filter I could think of that resides on this computer, to no avail regarding being able to read anything clearly on the card.

I wonder if I were in Washington at the same time as my little brother if he could take me to the Fidalgo-Drive-In for a cheeseburger and blackberry milkshake and charge it to his Million Dollar Gift Certificate? I hope so. It gives me something to look forward to.....

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