Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ruby & Theo People's Pool Party Birthday With Big Brother David

Yester morning I texted or emailed two thirds of my sisters to remind them that yesterday was our dad's birthday. Not that they actually needed to be reminded of such a thing.

My littlest sister, the one who lives in Tacoma, emailed back saying...

I figured I’d call on my way home from work.  We celebrated the twins’ birthday last night with a pool party.  Photo evidence attached.

I looked at the photo evidence and emailed back asking where this pool was located, along with asking a couple other questions in a couple followup emails. Following is a compilation of the replies....

The pool is in Tacoma's Hilltop zone.  It just opened a few months ago. In the spraypad pic, Ruby is on the far right and Theo is on the left in blue trunks looking at the camera with his tough guy face.  

David had fun too. And the pool has a current channel, like a lazy river, that is really fun. You feel like you are swimming super fast. And there is a lily pad thing to try to cross – Kristin didn’t make it very far.

Twins actual birthday is 12/17 and they are turning 6!!!!! David turned 8 in September. The lily pad thing is all the rage – Great Wolf Lodge has one too – but I’ve never tried it. I’ve seen 3 adults attempt this one and all 3 ended up in the drink. 

I made a composite image of several of the incoming pics, the result of which is what you see at the top. That is David in the middle, Ruby on the right, with Theo on the left.

Turns out the new pool is part of the Tacoma city park system. It is called The People's Pool.

The town I lived in before moving to Wichita Falls, Fort Worth, has several old closed public pools. Fort Worth has a population of around 800,000, with few places to cool off in the summer heat, hence foolish people floating on inner tubes in the polluted Trinity River thinking they are having a mighty fine time Rockin' the River while drinking beer and listening to loud music.

The population of Tacoma is around 200,000, a quarter the size of Fort Worth. Yet somehow Tacoma has multiple parks with modern facilities, including one of the biggest urban parks in the world, Point Defiance Park.

And I have never seen a street in Tacoma which did not have sidewalks on both sides of the street, often with a landscaped median between the sidewalk and the street.

And don't get me started on the Tacoma waterfront compared to Fort Worth's. Tacoma's waterfront water is crystal clear, but you probably would not want to drink beer while having a Rockin' the Water Happy Hour Inner Tube Float in it.

Too cold.

That and you would be sharing the water with creatures like salmon, seals, otters, orcas, octupi and crabs.

Just as I was typing this I got an incoming text message from David, Theo and Ruby's Aunt Jackie, who also is one of my sisters, telling me she and my Favorite Brother-in-Law, Jack are on vacation, meeting the aforementioned David, Theo and Ruby in Disneyland this coming weekend for the twin's Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Party.

How come I never get invited to any of these birthday parties? My birthday presents were considered epic back when my original four nephews were David, Theo and Ruby's age.

Speaking of nephews, also just got a text message with photos from Spencer Jack's dad. Skagit snow photos. Must plug the phone in to the computer and look at that snow.....

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