Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fast Fudge Free Caribbean Tour Before Circle Trailing Home

Yesterday events conspired to prevent me from acquiring my daily prescription dose of endorphins gained the natural method via aerobic activity.

In the past couple days the mail person has delivered three packages which contained cookies and one which contained fudge.

Lots of fudge.

I am not used to consuming large quantities of nutritionally bereft buttery sugar products.

By this morning I was almost totally recovered from overdosing on sugar. I won't make the same mistake today.

And already today I have acquired by daily prescription dose of endorphins. Acquired via moving fast in bipedal mode through my Caribbean neighborhood, going from Barbados to Haiti to Grenada and then back to my abode via the non-Caribbean Circle Trail.

That is the Circle Trail you see above, via a photo taken a few minutes ago, looking north at a cold trail and a stormy sky.

Thunderstorms and rain and relatively high temperatures nearing 80 are on the menu for Christmas at my location.

Nothing like a few bolts of lightning and thunder booms to get a person totally in the Christmas spirit....

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