Monday, December 19, 2016

A Frozen Lake Wichita Walk With UPS Bobbleheads

The temperature in the outer world at my location has not been above freezing for a couple days. If I remember right, and sometimes I do, the temperature was 14 this morning when I woke up my temperature monitoring device.

An hour before noon I decided to layer on several layers of outerwear so as to warmly venture out into the frigidity for a fast walk to Lake Wichita.

I was surprised when Holliday Creek came into view to see that the creek was frozen.

Holliday Creek was not running much water when the Deep Freeze arrived, hence the ability to freeze.

After I saw the creek was frozen I thought that maybe Lake Wichita might have turned into a giant ice rink.

But, when the lake came into view I could see no ice, not even on the shoreline.

As you can see, above, Lake Wichita looks like it is frozen, with nary a single wave rippling its surface.

That bump you see at the west end of Lake Wichita is Mount Wichita. When last I saw Mount Wichita the mountain was still green. But it appears this Arctic Blast has killed all the mountain's vegetation, rendering it a brown lump of a bump.

Whilst I was heading towards Lake Wichita my phone made its incoming text message noise a couple time. When I arrived on the Lake Wichita floating dock I removed the phone from its pocket and saw the messages were from Spencer Jack's dad.

I am still processing the message from Spencer Jack's dad. A UPS bobblehead is involved. I have not yet decided if this bobblehead is something I want to mention in the blog venue.

In the meantime, it is time for lunch. Mexican themed today. Sour cream chicken and bean baked enchiladas...

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