Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spencer Jack In 'N Out Of Utah The Day Before Thanksgiving

Early evening before Thanksgiving incoming photo from Utah.

Text with photo....

Spencer Jack pictured working the late lunch at one of his family's favorite burger joints.

I read the text before opening the photo and figured the family favorite burger joint being referenced was McDonald's, due to our familial affection for my Favorite Brother-In-Law, and Spencer Jack and Jason's Favorite Uncle, Jack, running an Empire of McDonald's in Arizona.

But instead it is an In 'N Out burger joint at which Spencer Jack is working the late lunch.

I am assuming this is in Salt Lake City, with the boys exploring that town before flying home to Washington tomorrow. My assumption may be incorrect.

Spencer Jack's dad has opined being impressed with the In 'N Out burger operation before. I similarly opined, with my opinion based upon experiencing In 'N Out Double Double Burgers and Fries at two Arizona locations, one being in Phoenix, near the airport, the other in Scottsdale.

And then In "N Out opened in Texas.

I had waxed poetic about the deliciousness of In 'N Out burgers to fellow former Pacific Northwesterner, Big Ed. So, Big Ed and I went to the In 'N Out on West 7th in Fort Worth.

Not good. Not good at all. Not even remotely resembling what I experienced in Arizona. And the fries were HORRIBLE. Frozen type fries out of a bag. Not the fresh cut type I had in Arizona.

Reminded me of when the first Costco opened in Texas. Also in Fort Worth. I eagerly went to the Grand Opening, excepting a Costco the likes of which I was used to in my former state, which is the home location of Costco.

However, instead of fresh sushi and fresh roasted coffee and other things I was used to in west coast Costco's I walked in to find myself greeted by multiple Remington statues for sale. And horse saddles.

I am not making this up.  Horse saddles for sale at the entry.

The Texas Costco's improved when others opened. By the time the Southlake Costco opened, with Southlake sort of being a Yankee enclave, I finally sort of had a Washington type Costco I could go to.

I do not know what the problem is with Texas In 'N Outs. Maybe my bad  experience was a fluke. I've not heard others complain about the Texas In 'N Outs who have been to In 'N Outs in its original locations.

Anyway, Spencer Jack seems to have taken his dad on a mighty fine road trip. I'm guessing Spencer will be wanting to take his dad back to Utah for some more eye popping sight seeing. Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park come to mind....

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