Saturday, November 26, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Bloated Climb To Mount Wichita Summit

Beginning Wednesday, three days of excessive consumption of food products had me feeling like a python that had swallowed a goat.

Not that I actually know what that would feel like, I'm only guessing it would feel similar to my current state of bloatage.

Wednesday's overeating was Italian themed with too much lasagna.

Thursday's overeating was Mexican themed with too much off all things Tex-Mex related.

Friday's overeating was American themed with too much turkey and all that entails.

So, today I am avoiding food, for the most part, and I hauled my bloated carcass to Lake Wichita Park to facilitate some mountain climbing to the summit of Mount Wichita.

I was only up for one haul to the summit.

After enjoying the solitude of the summit, and recovering from extreme oxygen debt, as I made my way slowly down the steep slope I saw a jogger running towards the mountain, and then, as I finally reached ground level, the jogger proceeded to run up the mountain at the same pace he was running on level ground.

You can see the annoying jogger halfway up Mount Wichita on the right in the picture above.

I doubt I will ever be in good enough shape to be able to run up Mount Wichita. It'd probably help if I did not eat so much....

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