Monday, November 14, 2016

Possibly The Bluest Sky I've Ever Seen May Be In Wichita Falls

Yes that is true, a very blue sky, but maybe not the bluest sky I've ever seen. Likely the bluest sky I have ever seen is in Seattle. There is an entire song documenting this fact. Along with the hills being the greenest green.

There are not many hills in Wichita Falls, so the hills being the greenest green, or not, is not an issue.

Among the many things I like about my current Texas location, compared to my previous Texas location, is the air is so much cleaner.

As in clear.

Clear air way into the horizon. No smoggy orange haze.

Last night when I exited my abode after dark I was surprised to see the much anticipated Super Moon hovering above, living up to the hype. That was one big moon last night.

This morning I felt the need to move in fast speed mode. So, I walked the Circle Trail to the Lake Wichita Dam and then on to the Lake Wichita Dock from whence I took the photo above, of that also aforementioned clear clean blue sky, with Mount Wichita popping up like a pimple in the middle of the horizon.

I can not remember when last I hiked to the summit of Mount Wichita. I don't remember when  it was, or why it was, the novelty of going mountain climbing at my current location became less attractive.

I think maybe I will return to the summit of Mount Wichita this week. Maybe on Wednesday, if I don't drive to the Dallas/Fort Worth zone on that day. If I don't drive to D/FW this Wednesday, I likely will the next Wednesday, that being the day before Thanksgiving.

I zoomed in from the Lake Wichita Dock to take the above photo of Mount Wichita. Looking at that mound of dirt, looking like a mini-volcano, one would not think it would be at all challenging to hike to the summit.

Well, I can assure you, it is an endorphin inducing bit of aerobic stimulation to haul oneself to this particular summit...

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