Tuesday, November 22, 2016

American Hat Company In Bowie Texas Makes Trump Cowboy Hat

I learned that which you see here via the Wichita Falls Times Record News.

Apparently Donald J. Trump has not outsourced the making of his inaugural cowboy hat to China and has instead commissioned its construction to a Bowie, Texas cowboy hat manufacturing company.

The propaganda promotional blurb touting this news....

American Hat Co. has spent more than a century making iconic cowboy hats, the world's symbol for the Wild West and the romanticized cowboy, good and bad.

They've made hats for the big and small screen for shows such as "Urban Cowboys" and "Longmire" as well as musical performers Pharrell Williams, who is known for his love of headpieces, and the Zac Brown Band. Lyle Lovett has been a past customer, too.
Now the Bowie-based company has made a custom hat for another maverick, this time for soon-to-be the most powerful man in the free world — President-elect Donald J. Trump

Let us just hope this American Hat Company Bowie built cowboy hat does not make Trump look fat, because, as we learned yesterday, doing such can earn one a bout of Trumpian tongue lashing....

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Still, no cattle.