Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spencer Jack's Big New York City Adventure Starts At Ground Zero

Earlier this second Sunday of October I blogged about a Mysterious Sunday Morning Ferry Boat Ride With Spencer Jack.

The mystery was I was not 100% certain I knew where Spencer Jack was taking his dad on a ferry boat ride.

I speculated the ferry boat was taking Spencer Jack and his dad to see the Statue of Liberty, which indicated they were in New York City.

Follow up emails confirmed my New York City speculation as correct.

The follow up emails were subject lined: FNSJ in NYC and Also FNSJ in NYC.

The first follow up email included eight photos. The second follow up email included one photo.

For blogging documentation purposes I selected four photos from the first email and the one and only one from the second.

First the explanatory text in the first email...

Your uncle speculations of Spencer Jack's Columbus Day weekend trip destination were spot on.

I thought the ugly orange paint on the exterior of the ferry may give a clue as to our location.

We did see Lady Liberty via a ferry, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Ground Zero, the Trinity Church and more.

Spencer seemed to be more fascinated with the complex NYC subway system and really intrigued with Macy's flagship store on 34th street's wooden escalators. Really intrigued.

We are off to a visit of Mr. Trump's house now.  I won't let him know of our plans to be at the Hillary rally this Friday back in the Emerald City.

At the top Spencer Jack and his dad are at Ground Zero. Spencer Jack was born about six years after the 9/11 horror. I wonder how his dad explains what they are looking at. When the I-5 Bridge between Burlington and Mount Vernon partly fell into the river, Spencer Jack refused to cross that type bridge til he got over the worry. After the murders in Burlington's Cascade Mall a couple weeks ago, Spencer Jack's dad thought Spencer would likely be going through a period of refusing to go in malls. So, what is Spencer Jack's reaction to being at the location of a mass murder of around three thousand people?

Next up the aforementioned Macy's wooden escalator steps which intrigued Spencer Jack.

Why would escalator steps be made of wood I can not help but wonder? That must be super hard wood.

And then Spencer Jack walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have no idea what Spencer Jack is gawking at in amazement whilst on the Brooklyn Bridge. He has been on bridges high above water before.

It does not surprise me that Spencer Jack would like riding the New York City subway.

Spencer Jack's dad probably does not remember it, but when Jason was about Spencer Jack's age his favorite uncle took Jason and Spencer Jack's Uncle Joey, to Sea-Tac, to ride the subway that takes you out to a remote terminal. Back pre-9/11 security overkill, you could explore all over the airport without  going through any type of security check.

The text in the second email this afternoon said...

FNSJ and I are scheduled to appear on Today tomorrow am. Will keep you posted.

Seems like when Favorite Nephews Jason and Joey went to New York City, pre the arrival of Spencer Jack, earlier in this century, somehow something happened that had something to do with the Today Show. But, it has been a few years and I have forgotten the details.

I suspect I will be seeing more incoming photos of Spencer Jack's Big Adventure in New York City....

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