Saturday, October 8, 2016

Power Walking With Hundreds Of Hitchcockian Birds On Lake Wichita

This second Saturday of October's Power Walk was to once again follow the currently high water of Holliday Creek from my abode, via the Wichita Falls Circle Trail, to Lake Wichita.

On these Power Walks I keep running into bird scenes which seem like something out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

Last week it was hundreds of birds covering the roof on one apartment in a large apartment complex.

Why all those birds on that one section of roof? Several times this past week I drove by that same apartment to see the roof still being visited with an unnaturally large number of birds.

And now this Hitchcockian scene on Lake Wichita, with a long string of floating birds stretching so far out into the lake my camera was not able to capture all the birds, digitally.

What is the explanation for this bizarre bird behavior?

As you can sort of see, some of the birds made it onto the dock. By the time I got on the dock the birds on the dock jumped overboard to lead the line of birds away from the dock.

So far during this period of bizarre Wichita Falls bird behavior I have only experienced birds in Hitchcock attack mode at Sikes Lake.

Aggressive geese.

But I have always had a problem with aggressive geese. I think they think I am bird feed.

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