Sunday, October 30, 2016

Finding Wichita Falls Stone Palace Anticipating Spelling Bee Next Friday

Next Friday I am scheduled to be in downtown Wichita Falls at the Stone Palace.

Since I was not sure I knew where the Stone Palace was located in the downtown Wichita Falls zone I figured a quiet Sunday morning would be a good time to locate this particular palace.

I figured correctly.

And it turns out it was a good plan to find this location ahead of next Friday because it would have been possibly difficult to find when the sun was in its daily setting mode.

Why am I scheduled to be at the Stone Palace next Friday?

Well, I am glad you asked.

Somehow I got myself hoodwinked into being part of the support team for a group of spellers at the Wichita Adult Literacy Council, Inc. 20th Annual Spelling Bee.  The doors open at 6 pm, dinner is at 6;30 pm and the Bee Begins at 7 pm.

According to my admission ticket "21 t must show ID to purchase  alcohol".

Does alcohol and spelling mix well? I would think not. I guess I will be finding out next Friday.

My understanding of my Spelling Bee Team support role is I, along with a couple others, act as cheerleaders, cheering on our spelling team. There are a couple dozen spelling teams competing for the coveted Best Speller title.  I have no idea what the prize is, if any, for winning the coveted Best Speller title.

After locating the Stone Palace I decided to take a walk around downtown Wichita Falls.

The Stone Palace is just a couple blocks east of the Wichita Falls Public Library. I walked past the library and soon saw the infamous Wichita Falls World's Littlest Skyscraper scraping the sky a couple blocks to the northwest.

At the time I was doing my downtown Wichita Falls walking I thought I would document some of the interesting items of architecture one comes upon, but the bright light was not cooperative, so upon seeing what the photos looked like, once I got them off the camera, I decided to put off for another day photo documenting downtown Wichita Falls' interesting items of architecture.

Back to the subject of next Friday's Spelling Bee.

Saturday night, during a practice session with the team for whom I am scheduled to be a supportive cheerleader, my faculty for spelling became noticeable. Pressure was then exerted on me to become a Spelling Bee speller, replacing one of our Spelling Bee team's spellers, with that speller being completely happy with being replaced.

However, I opted not to become an official Spelling Bee speller. I feel I will be much more useful in a supportive cheer leading role....


Anonymous said...

Still not sure where it is and don't have any idea what it looks like.

Durango said...

The Stone Palace is on Indiana Street. Indiana is the next street north of Scott Avenue, you know, the old main drag through town, the road which goes by the Blue Building. Indiana is the street the Wichita Falls Theater Old Opera House is located on. On Indiana the Stone Palace is a short distance east of the Wichita Falls Public Library. The Stone Palace is on the north side of the street. It's an old brick building. You can easily park in the library parking lot and walk the short distance to the Stone Palace entry door.