Saturday, October 8, 2016

Apparently Now Something Anonymously Completely Different

I am not quite sure how this qualifies as something completely different, but such was indicated by someone who goes by the name Anonymous.

A blog comment from this Anonymous person...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Will Truth & Justice Prevail In Largest Voter Fraud Investigation In Texas History?":

And now for something completely different:


The link is a Facebook photo of Fort Worth Way propagandist and runway model, Bud the Dud Kennedy. His name is even up in lights.

I don't know how to make the URL shorter.


The link to which Anonymous refers was an extremely long link, a link which I do know how to shorten, and did so by turning it into a clickable link which you see above. But you do not need to click that link to see that to which Anonymous refers.

That to which Anonymous refers via the link is the above photo of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's star investigative journalist and award winning food critic, Bud Kennedy.

I did not see the name in lights Anonymous mentioned til I saw "Budweiser" and figured that must be what Anonymous is talking about.

I have no idea what Bud Kennedy is doing in this photo. Is this a photo of his rumored tryout for Dancing with the Stars?

And why does Anonymous call Mr. Kennedy 'Bud the Dud'? If Bud's name were George would Anonymous call him George the Dud? Or was Anonymous exhibiting what he or she thought to be his or her rhyming cleverness?

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